The beauty of Hitman's formula is that it can work almost anywhere. What location do you NOT see it working in?


Planes, trains and automobiles.


Lmao yeah I knew what you meant :smile: But I agree, totally. Between the movie theater, swimming pools, bars, rides, etc the list goes on… has the potential to be one of the greatest missions in the series if it were made one day


Imagine this as a HITMAN map…


Dumbest Assassination Mission ever… using a Mobile Home


That sounds pretty awesome to me. Although there’s the minor issue of breaking the gameworld if 47 kills all of his co-workers. lol

I loved Conviction. Yeah, it got similar criticism to Absolution from some core Splinter Cell fans, but the gameplay was extremely slick and empowering. The best Jason Bourne game ever made, IMO. lol

And better than Blacklist because it starred the real Sam Fisher, Michael Ironside.


I can see why one might think a moving train is an unsuitable Hitman location, because it’s unavoidably confined, @Bleepbloopy, but, honestly, I’d still really like to see it, because I have fond memories of train levels in other games, such as Resident Evil: Zero, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and even Uncharted 2 – which I realize are entirely different types of games, but well-done train levels just always feel special to me.

Hitman’s train could be like a grander version of the Orient Express, or some kind of multi-billion-pound concept train with multiple levels, a diverse array of carriages, and therefore have more room to manoeuvre than any regular train offers.

And it needn’t be one of the 5 or 6 main maps, either. It could be something extra, to add a bit of flavour between main missions. I love the current Hitman formula, but I don’t think every Hitman map needs to be a huge, sprawling playground. I’d like a little more variety.


One clever way to do the station is that it’s Station 1, the train ride, then Station 2.

There is a Target Escape threat if you miss the train, another Target Escape threat if you fail to get off the train at Station 2, and one more probable Escape Threat if the Target attempts to flee Station 1 or 2.

Films like MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS and SOURCE CODE show that this setting can adequately work.


Films yes, hitman game not so much. I can see a lot of problems with it. How does the timinig work, where are the starting locations, where are the targets


Where do we hide the bodies?, How will we move? What disguises are there?, Where will we blend in? I admire the creativity of the idea but the practicality of it is bad.


Disguises and blending in aren’t huge issues, at least in an Orient Express style luxury setting. Security, Doctor, "House"keeping, Conductor, Driver, Mechanic, Chef, Waiter, different kinds of guests… plenty of potential there.

Any seating could be a blending spot, just put food, newspapers, timetables on a table or bench, windows could be blending spots, watching the passing landscape. Many other regular spots would also work, security guards standing at a post and cleaning staff with a mop and bucket, for example.


How does the timing of the parting trains work? Where are the starting locations, where do the targets spawn?


They could pull off a train.

Plane is harder as they are smaller and less compartmentalized. Maybe if it were a big ass plane, and a private one at that. Like kanye’s big waste of money.


Yeah, I don’t think it would work well, I just think disguises and blending in wouldn’t be significant issues. Target cycles, timing, different “phases” of the level would be very tough if not impossible to get right.


Good questions as usual. A lot of it depends on context. The main challenge of this mission though is the time-gating (similar to the race in Miami).

For sure one of the Targets is in Station 1, a second one could be on the train. Then both targets disembark to meet a 3rd one at Station 2?

The train would need to be designed with multiple hiding places to duck through and blend in spots.

Also… walking on top of the train… crawling under the train… straddling on the sides of the train.


If the first target is on station 1, while the 2nd target is either on the train or at station 2, it will involve a lot of unnecessary and especially UNWANTED waiting before we can get there.

If both targets are at station 1, or the train, or station 2, it’s bad design.

And how would the starting locations look like.

This goes against every fibre in my being.


I can see this working. Maybe give each target a phone so killing one gives the option to call the other, who seek a private place so you can do a long af snipe shot to the other station.


So it would just be as easy as killing one, then phonecall the other and the other target would magically isolate himself for a SA sniper kill? Sorry, i dont see this working at all. That would also make for a very linear solution if you dont want to wait ages travelling with the train to the other station.

Traversing the map will be highly restricted


Regarding this:

  1. Use prompt “wait for train“
  2. Skip cutscene
  3. Use prompt “wait for arrival“
  4. Skip cutscene

Very fast, with the downside to have a very well station design required to infiltrate many parts of the station from there.


So you could just prompt through 1/3 of the map? Seems a bit shitty and ruins the flow.

Sorry i just dont see this working, too many flaws with it. Imo every map should be fully traversable (is this a word?) from 1 side to the other in a matter of a few minutes, without prompts suddenly teleporting you to the other side.


Out of all possible awesome and unique locations in the world people want a f*cking train level like in ‘Run for your Life’. smh