The beauty of Hitman's formula is that it can work almost anywhere. What location do you NOT see it working in?


Yes, it is a type of military fortification as well as an extremely archaic adjective for crossing thresholds and bridges


It requires some thought. This question cannot be answered in a few minutes.

I mean… it could be an interchange station! And and you need to look at schedules… and and… :stuck_out_tongue:


Any attempt at an open world environment would be a big no-no from me. Everyone’s worried about maps being too small but I’m worried about them being too big.


I agree. A map/missions should be confined to 1 location, not multiple. Said location can be huge though like Sapienza and Mumbai etc.


I reckon a Airport could work with a plane… Assassination. Lets just say that the flight has been delayed (no timer, will remain delayed until this Mission Story/Opportunity is triggered) and somehow we can trigger the targets flight. We could plant a bomb on the plane causing the plane to crash/causing the targets seat and others to be sucked out, snipe the pilot, causing the plane to crash, or others. Of course the entire mission would not be taken on this plane and we should not be able to enter it. Of course, it is very different to a simple plane. So yeah.


Yep. In fact some of the kills like the Tunnel Meeting kills in A Gilded Cage aren’t exactly fun because of the need to run “cross-country” to make the meetings happen.


So I was thinking about it and I believe I found another location that would be hard to implement in Hitman: the wilderness. Be it a desert, a forest or an icy tundra. No I’m not talking about a camp or some sort of outpost in the wilderness. Just empty, vast wilderness. Maybe a few campers or a remote building but nothing else.

I’m not going to deny that a map taking place in a huge North American forest with a fishing lake, would be pretty awesome. But the lack of NPCs/disguises/opportunities would be a big issue.


An entire mission within a taxi cab.

Probably wouldn’t work folks.


Starting location ideas for a train mission:

Passenger (coach).
Passenger (first class).
Roof (47 could have climbed onto the roof wearing some kind of stealth gear before it disembarked).
Undercarriage (Same as above, but 47 took the low road and begins by opening a hatch into a different car).

And, like I said above, if you don’t want to incorporate a train station (which I do think could work), just make the train the biggest and most intricate Orient Express knockoff/space-age concept train you’ve ever seen. This amazing train could factor into the narrative. Maybe the client needs 47 to acquire the design plans, or sabotage the train so it underperforms on its maiden voyage and turns off investors. Or maybe 47 has to protect the train from others who would do it harm. Eat your heart out, Steven Segal.

(Don’t break the guy’s nose before subduing him! Now he’s an unconscious witness. :roll_eyes:)

P.S. I don’t think there are many unviable Hitman locations. Most places can be interesting with a little developer creativity. Although I’d be interested to keep hearing people’s opinions on the topic.


Would still be way too linear in its design, unless for some magic reason the train is now 3 railroads wide which again does not make any sense.

If its just 1 rail road wide, it doesnt matter how long you make the train, it will still be way too linear and restrictive and shit


It doesn’t matter to me that the map’s more linear. Being in a more confined space is one of the things that makes train and plane levels feel special. Having less room to manoeuvre, and no easy escape routes, increases tension, if done correctly. I wouldn’t want the thing to be 3 railroads wide even if it were possible, because it’d defeat the point.

And, as I also said above, a (normal) train mission wouldn’t necessarily have to take the place of one of the five or six main missions: it could be something extra, to break up the monotony of going from one sprawling open-world zone to another.

Absolution had one “level” in which all you did was shoot Lenny. The train level could be the Hitman 3 equivalent of that, just much, much bigger and better.

Not everything has to be massive to be good, even in Hitman.

But that’s my opinion. If others feel that every Hitman level from now on needs to be humongous, with a minimum of 500 NPCs, they’re entitled to think that, too.


It results in poor gameplay with little to no replayability, which is the core quality of hitman levels.

I don’t want anything absolution like as a map for this hitman.

No it does not have to be massive to be good, just look at hokkaido and whittleton creek. A level does need to be not linear to be good however.


It would be pretty unique though. It doesn’t have to be the very best Hitman level, just one that isn’t shit.

They could pull of a train level. They’d have to get it perfect though, and yes it would be on the restrictive side (perhaps make the targets location random, Like the revolutionary?)


If its linear, its automatically shit, no ifs, buts or maybes to that.

No, that is absolutely horrible


OK, well as I just said, that’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to it.

We know that gameplay is king to you and you put little store in atmosphere, tension or story.

A train could be a wonderfully tense and atmospheric setting that contributes meaningfully to the narrative, without derailing (no pun intended) the overall gameplay experience.


Excellent point.

We all know that was intended :smirk:


Which has no value whatsoever when the gameplay is shit. And a train would be linear, and thus automatically shit

<3 for that pun tho


lol. It really wasn’t!

OK, OK, nobody’s going to believe me. Fiiine, it was. :yum:


I liked your post for the pun appreciation, not for the prior opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, you always had a hard time dealing with someone that made so much sense :wink: