The beauty of Hitman's formula is that it can work almost anywhere. What location do you NOT see it working in?


You can give it two, maybe three floors. And of course the roof of the train and the obligatory tunnels it passes through. There’s also the option to climb to the side of the train, essentially giving two extra horizontal layers.

It could turn out to be a better, less linear mission than Hawke’s Bay.


You could make it a hundreds floors and it would still be too linear.


It’d be a good tutorial/prologue


Here’s a slight variation on Britannicus’s idea:

The setting is a sprawling train-station and surrounding areas, including a stationary train that is slowly filling with passengers. For the first fifteen minutes or so, this is all one map.

But after fifteen minutes (or earlier, or later, if 47 intervenes) the train sets off, and you’re either on said train or you’re not.

If you’re not on it, then the level just loses a train and gains an empty track, and you can continue killing targets in and around the station.

If you are on it, then the mission turns into a moving-train level, and you have to exfiltrate by slowing the train down and jumping out the back, slamming on the emergency breaks and getting off, or simply waiting in your seat (a cutscene) so you can depart at the next station.


If you flip those floors on the side you get your dream level. Verticality impacts linearity in the same measure as horizontality.


False. horizontality and width is far more important than verticality. For verticality 4 floors is already sufficient, not so much for horizontality.

So no. You could make the train 100 floors high, as long as the horizontality is still 1 railroad, its linear, and its shit.


@Fortheseven can you define linear, in your terms? Be comprehensive if you can.


An abundance of horizontality

Edit: read your question wrong. When a level is not linear, it means it will have an abundance of horizontality


C’mon, that’s as comprehensive as you get? Lol


How hard is it for you grasp simple concepts lol


As long as it’s just like in that Splinter Cell 2 mission where the plane drops Fisher on top of a train cab, I think this starting point alone would justify a train mission no matter how restricting it is. Would also make for an awesome exit point to have 47 escape the train like at the end of that SC mission too.


I’m just trying to get some definitions down. Horizontality means what exactly?



it really is not that hard to understand


Got it, read your response wrong.

You don’t think adding the option to hang and shimmy down the outside of a moving train adds a bit of horizontality to the idea?

Moving via the roof?

Perhaps even under the train?

It would never live up to your standards, but it would be less linear than, say, Nightcall.


Because what’s linear about Nightcall is the timing/routes. What would be linear of a train mission is pure geography


Definitely a good prologue/tutorial mission, I agree.

The story starts with 47 sitting in his seat in First Class, apparently reading a newspaper, but then we see that he’s actually spying on a man or a woman a few rows ahead. One of the attendants whispers something suspicious in this person’s ear, and he or she stands suddenly and begins to head towards the rear carriages of the train.

“The target’s on the move,” 47 says quietly to Diana.

“Follow her, 47. We need to know what this is all about.”

“Understood,” says 47, rising calmly out of his seat.

[Begin tutorial.]

But I’d want it to be a legitimate mission with contract-creation, too. Not undercooked, like Nightcall.


Not nearly enough. Let me explain with Paris as an example.

Right at the start, i can either go straight forward, or i could go left for 20 meters and then head forward, or go right for 20 meters and then go forward. And i could go up from all those sides aswell. See all those options in traversing the map? The reason that that is possible, it because the map has an abundance of horizontality, or width.

With a train you will only have forward and up, extremely restricting your traversability of the map. Hence making it linear. Hence making it shit.


Here comes the fanboy :roll_eyes:

Lol as I say, it wouldn’t be your favorite but I think it’d be better than nightcall


I just took Paris as an example, because its the best map in the series by far, but it goes for every map we’ve had so far in season 1 and season 2. The point is the same.

Train mission will always be way too restrictive and linear, and as a result will ALWAYS be shit


Change left and right with up and down and you have exactly the same thing in terms of non-linearity.


Nope, you are wrong. The need for horizontality is far greater than verticality, even a toddler would understand that