The beauty of Hitman's formula is that it can work almost anywhere. What location do you NOT see it working in?


You do see that the only difference between verticality and horizontality is literally just tilting your head right? :confused:


Be nice!



That ‘need for horizontality’ is what gave us Colorado, aka the worst map in H1 and one of the worst maps in the entire series. Sometimes verticality can be more important.


False, the lack of verticality did that, not the need for horizontality. Really weird and wrong conclusion

Also, while im not a fan of colorado, its still infinitely better than hawke’s bay and all of absolutions maps



To my understanding, verticality means the height of the map.

“Horizontality” (a shit term that whoever made up ought to rethink) refers to not only width, but depth as well.

Think of a train cart’s (or an entire train) blueprints, a long, skinny rectangle. That’s the problem, it’s narrow. If you change North/south with east/west, it’s still too narrow on one side. You need large square area to combat this issue


Lol, just lol. You do realise that horizontality is more important than verticality right? You’d only need around 4 floors and the verticality is fine, if you only had 4 railroads of horizontality, its bad.


Maybe I’d realise it if instead of simply repeating what you say you would simply explain the difference to me. The way I see it linearity is not about the amount of meters which one can take to the right or the left, but the amount of options.

If a train has 4 floors and four wagons, that leaves you with 16 possible routes (I think, right? Or is it even more?).

Just because other maps offer these options in horizontal terms you call them less linear? You really need to explain it to me, in toddler talk if you have to.


Does this exist IRL? A 4x4 train


No, that would leave you with 4 routes.

@Agent.Smith explained it for you. I never was any good at explaining the obvious


Thanks for that explanation but if you make a side-view blueprint instead of a top view, wouldn’t you agree it opens up more possibilities?


You can flip it all you want, it will always remain narrow


With four floors, if the train is still 1 cart wide, the issue persists. Someone mentioned 4 cart’s wide and that’s an idea, but idk if that realistic at all


Come on! You start on floor 1 in wagon 1, climb to the roof on wagon 2, drop down to level 4 in wagon 3, stay on level 4 in wagon 4. On the return trip you can play around with it some more.


Thank you, Tiki. A fellow Splinter Cell fan. All serious stuff aside, train levels are just cool.

And if you can’t justify a train level in a spy/conspiracy/assassination game, then when can you? Public transport and political action/intrigue go together like … well, like trains and tracks.


Youre just insisting on a train level because of fond memories and you just like trains. Fine. But if you think a bit harder about the gameplay repurcussions you would say that a train level will always be bad for hitman.

Now 1 giant trainstation, that could totally work


The issue is you’re required wagon 1 -> wagon 2 -> wagon 3 -> wagon 4

Every time. Adding floors for sure throws spice in there, but it’s still extremely restrictive on a cart-to-cart basis

Btw I think it’d be a lovely level, I’m just trying to explain @Fortheseven, since he can’t do it himself :joy:

All jokes m8


Even though I’ve given detailed reasons as to why a train level would work practically in multiple posts above?


As long as it 1 card wide its still the same route for the most. Its still way too linear. I really dont know how to explain it better. Maybe i should draw a picture but my paint skills are abysmal


Which all got debunked.

1 giant trainstation would be a good compromis: we would have lots of ways to traverse the level, and you can still look at trains lol


Which you disregarded because they’re incompatible with your pre-existing beliefs.

There’s a difference.