The beauty of Hitman's formula is that it can work almost anywhere. What location do you NOT see it working in?


I wanna say that this is not just about people who like trains. See: Agatha Christie.

Murder and trains go together like butter and toast.


No. Its just a matter of if…then

IF a map is linear, THEN it is bad.

IF its a train, THEN by design its linear, since its only 1 card wide.

Add 1+1 and there you go.

Why cant you live with the compromise of 1 giant train station??


It’s not the same thing, and you know this


I know, a train station could actually work as a good map for hitman, a train alone will never work. So they are indeed not the same. But it still allows @David47 to look at trains lol


Let me repost something I said earlier, which you probably didn’t read. (Not that I blame you, because we’ve all been holding separate conversations. :slight_smile: )

What’s your problem with this kind of set-up? Doesn’t it meet all of your needs?

Here’s a slight variation on Britannicus’s idea:

The setting is a sprawling train-station and surrounding areas, including a stationary train that is slowly filling with passengers. For the first fifteen minutes or so, this is all one map.

But after fifteen minutes (or earlier, or later, if 47 intervenes) the train sets off, and you’re either on said train or you’re not.

If you’re not on it, then the level just loses a train and gains an empty track, and you can continue killing targets in and around the station.

If you are on it, then the mission turns into a moving-train level, and you have to exfiltrate by slowing the train down and jumping out the back, slamming on the emergency breaks and getting off, or simply waiting in your seat (a cutscene) so you can depart at the next station.

Edit: In this version, at least, you’d get everything you want, and there’d be train mission in there to boot.


I wanna kill someone on a moving train though, and then get back to my dinner on the dining cart.

Real talk Airport>Train Station


Problem: So if i want to do a cool setup at the new part id have to wait for centuries.

no i would not


You didn’t read what I just posted! lol

You’d be able to make the train go sooner or hold it up.


And also, again, what is your problem with 1 giant train station?

It would give me all the traversability and openness i require, and you can still look at trains.



That’s not what he wants m8


Some of us like the tension and suspense and changing scenery that comes with sneaking and doing battle aboard a moving train. We’re not just train-spotters who’d be happy sitting on a bench next to one that’s parked up. There’s a big difference. lol


Linear, “tension”, narrow spaces, traversing from point a to b.

Maybe you should just go back to absolution lol.


Also, where would the targets even start? If they are at seperated stations, traversing either takes wayyy too long or youd have a cutscene magically teleporting you to the other side, killing the flow.

If they spawn at train station 1, its simply bad design


Well if you think about how each car can be traversed through normally, or “skipped” by going out to the sides, top, or bottom. Go in and out of windows, into cabins, climb out top or bottom through access hatches…

Add to that the idea of a double decker train like the one in Source Code. Not too linear and possibly speed runner friendly (if you sprint on the train’s roof).

This is also a way to be able to do gags similar to the grate and ventilation gags on the roof of Alma’s Safehouse.


Others have already explained to you that there could be much more to a well-designed train level than that.

Again, I didn’t say that. You didn’t read my post. lol

In the above comment I propose ONE huge map, with a train that breaks away from that map after about fifteen minutes, but which can be made to leave sooner or later.

There wouldn’t even necessarily need to be a short cutscene when the train departs. It could just pull out of the station. I mean, Hitman 3 probably won’t be released until the next gen, so new consoles (and of course your PC) could handle it.


Then the train part just seemed artificially tacked on to solely fulfill your needs of a train lol. It does not make the map better in any way


Then just have an independent TRAIN level. :stuck_out_tongue:

So you’re saying we’re not allowed an independent train level, no matter how well it’s designed, and we’re not allowed to have a moving train as part of a map that you otherwise fully support.

We’re not allowed a damn thing because you don’t think it’s appropriate. lol

Nope, no trains. Completely incompatible with the Hitman universe. :smile:

You’re acting like I want a flying saucer level included.


Yes people, especially you sir David from the UK, are not allowed to ever have a train level in a hitman game. Request this again and you will be reported to the hitman police and you will have a criminal record for life


Please don’t tell me you believe that aliens already visited us and stuff


:joy: OK. Let’s leave it there, then.

We both did such a wonderful job of convincing the other of our views, I don’t think anything more needs to be said.