The beauty of Hitman's formula is that it can work almost anywhere. What location do you NOT see it working in?


Are you that afraid of the hitman police that you would abandon your long life dream of having a train level in a hitman game that easily? I guess i dont blame you, hitman police are meanies.


I’m always the person who makes the opposite argument – that there’s no evidence of that – whenever that debate comes up, actually.

The probability, based on the sheer size of the universe, is that other lifeforms do exist, but there’s nothing concrete enough to convince me they’ve been here or that they collude with the government.

P.S. Trains rock.


That’s not a bad idea…


if we are ever to venture into the far far future with Hitman, we could have a futuristic train that is close to the scale of Paris! think about that :^)


No. @Fortheseven said no trains EVER. By futuristic standards, a Paris-sized train will be too small.

How will robo-Fortheseven derive satisfaction from having only 1.3 million assassination options?!

Unthinkable. :smile:


Depends. The universe is relatively young and we could legit just be the first wave of life. There could also be great filters that already destroyed lots of alien life.

The universe is also expanding faster than the speed of light so we will never be able to explore the majority of the universe, even if mankind was immortal.

I think i went offtopic


Youre goddamn right! And remember, my word is law <3


You should hop on a really fast train. It’ll bring you straight back to Topic Town.


I rather take a cruiseship, since that would be an infinitely better setting for a hitman map :wink:

Sorry if my universe talk was too complicated <3


It wasn’t too complicated, I just don’t want to go off on an extended cosmic tangent and give Jarbringer good reason to swoop in and dissect the thread with his divine scalpel.

Edit: I would like a cruiseship level, too. Let’s stop there while we agree on something. lol


Sooo, it was too complicated for you. I got you, ill find someone else for topics like that :wink:


Try talking to a mirror. Let’s see how you cope with that guy’s BS. :yum:


Haha, i know we could see eye to eye is that joke in bad taste? sorry if that crossed a line


Its his ego im having trouble with :stuck_out_tongue:



lol. No, I’m joking, that was funny. Just wanted you to feel bad. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lol you seem to be having the impression that i have a conscience.


I know you do because you helped that woman sit in your Twitch stream yesterday, remember. I’ve never seen a greater act of compassion in my life. I almost cried.

OK, we’ve hogged enough screenspace here. All the interesting points about trains are getting buried. I’m out.

Someone please bring this topic back on point.


And what did i get in return for that act of kindness? They shot me… It changed me.


A lot of people want a beach party variation for Hawkes Bay, but I also think that it would be a very bad location. It would be like Colorado, a large open space, but without the house or buildings, (Alma’s mansion most likely wouldn’t be used, following the trend of other bonus missions where the main points of interest in the main level are cut off).

There isn’t really anywhere to put buildings, unlike Colorado where it made sense for sheds, garages and a barn. What buildings would be at the beach? Beach huts? They would just be identical, tiny rooms with just about no kill opportunities.

What would the disguises be? Server and BBQ king equivalents would make the most sense. Some may argue lifeguard, but why would they even be there? NPCs and 47 can’t go into water.

It would be like the BBQ party in Whittleton, just a bit bigger. That would be such a boring level. What would the target(s) be doing? Probably just what the Sensation ET did, and he was not fun.


I’m suprised no one used an “If you want trains go play Red Dead Redemption 2” argument.
Seriously now though,trains and plains are just inferior versions of other,more expansive locations.

You can have a huge restaurant as part of a hotel for ex. but you can also have one on a train.Only the one on a train will be much smaller and offer less possibilites.And this goes for literally every section of trains or plains.The problem with locations like them is that they don’t offer anything unique that we wouldn’t be able to see on other maps other than the look of the place. (Its unique corridors)

I understand people that like the idea of location itself but there is no doubt it would be much more linear than hotel or small coastal town.
Also just think about the lack of horizontality and how damn boring it would be to go from back of the huge train to the front just so you could pick a screwdriver.It would lead to a very tedious gameplay with very little variation and mostly just running back and forth.