The beauty of Hitman's formula is that it can work almost anywhere. What location do you NOT see it working in?


I actually agree with you on that, DaZucc. I think a barren, open area is more detrimental to good gameplay than a smaller, intricate area.

I think Hawke’s Bay has a lot of untapped potential, but I’d like it to be turned into something darker and moodier, with a creepy basement level added to the house, a far-reaching and crumbling underground tunnel network lit by swaying lanterns, and more wooden shacks containing Alma’s dark secrets out in the sand dunes. Something akin to Hitman meets the Resident Evil Remake in atmosphere.

Walking around a mostly featureless beach and watching people gossip and sunbathe doesn’t have the same appeal, unless it were a very posh beach party with a hell of a lot going on, canvass constructs in place of buildings, and continued access to the house.


Just add more screwdrivers! (Or less need for screwdrivers. lol)

No, you make some fair points, Agent 58.

I’d still love a train level, though. I have faith that the current developers could make it work.


Very few things are more expansive than plains.
I do agree those would be rather boring, however.


He said expansive, as in bigger, not expensive as in costs more


Beach party in NZ? That would be dope. Could snipe from the house.

Lots of things they can do with NZ map


Yeah like delete it from the game


No one’s forcing you to play it man


I still have to look at it at the locations menu, makes me sick


:rofl: as does your top time on the leaderboards


No one’s forcing you to look at it man





Gg. Dont feel bad though, i always win these type of things


You may have won a battle son, but you will lose the war


I dont do wars, only love and positivity


Sounds like we’re on the same side


Taxi Taxi


So… To veer this topic (slightly) on track, let me ask this to everyone:

Why did “Death on the Mississippi” come off as a failure to most fans?

My thoughts on it are that I was actually a fan of it. There were a lot of targets, yes, and an abundance of them that were similarly disposed of, but it proved a solid challenge on professional to get SA.

I like it, and I always liked clearing that top floor out. Each time I did it, I did it differently.

What are HMF thoughts? Why is this looked down on as a level, even though it follows the Hitman Formula?

EDIT: because this is most likely the basis on which they would design a cruise-ship type level, which is something we all want. So input is appreciated :slight_smile:


It did? Says who? I quite enjoyed it, actually. Sure there were 7 targets which is… a lot for one level lol but it fit to the story in a way that it wasn’t a “chore” to take them out (in my opinion)

Plus (like you said) the majority of them were on the top floor anyway, which made for swift assassinations. Also, I found it perfectly fine in terms of different ways to assassinate them. You could poison Netbergs hamburgers lol poison Muldoons cake, Fiber Wire Krup, cause distraction to push (the shotgun target) over the rail, etc. and that’s just the basics.

Sure, there weren’t “planned” Assassinations for you to do (like in current Hitman) many of them you just had to be creative and figure out how, and to who, on your own and there were plenty of ways to approach this.

Now if we had a cruise ship level with today’s style of Hitman? Forget it lol the possibilities would be endless! There were a lot of different ways to kill 7 targets on a small river steamboat, now imagine 2 (3 targets tops) on a HUGE cruise ship. Literally hundreds of kill opportunities await!

I’m usually not a fan of that many targets in one level (Death on the Mississippi) (The Saints level in Absolution) but if it fits the story, there are a lot of kill opportunities and it’s not too overbearing in a way that it feels like a “chore” to do (like I said before) then I’m all for it. But I would seriously love a cruise ship level

Not to mention; imagine the possibilities for Contracts mode on a level like that!! :smiley:


I’ve heard from a few that this mission is among their lowest ranked levels from BM

Why not se7en?


I’m all for trying things once. I don’t mind the Mississippi Boat level. I also don’t mind static objectives here and there. Actually I don’t think IO do a bad job of making those come in just the right amount. I really don’t think we ever need 7 targets ever again. 4 was fine in Colorado, bc it was only once. I like 1 best. 2 is ok.

And I get that 2 makes the levels better but I feel like it’s a bit unrealistic that we always have 2.