The Birth of Contracts Mode...Absolution!


I’ve noticed an overwhelming amount of negative perception of the game Absolution on this forum.

Though, I do agree that it’s not as good of a “Hitman” game as other entries in the series, I believe the game is a milestone simply for the fact that it introduced the “contracts” mode.

As a matter of fact, when Absolution was the current Hitman game, the contracts mode was all I was playing on that game. It created a lot of positive interaction between me and other players, and a lot of good memories.

Basically, I feel that Absolution is better remembered as the birth of the contracts mode.


True, I remember trying to play it. I bought all DLCs. It’s a waste of money, but I guess something like this was gonna happen sooner or later. Now all I remember is the emptiness of my PS3 Absolution trophies saying there are like ten ‘contracts mode’ trophies locked. ‘-’

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Okay…? We know that Contracts were introduced in Absolution; that’s not what we hate about the game.

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Contracts Mode was one of the best things in Absolution. Sadly the linear level design took a lot of the fun out of it, which is why I barley even played any contracts in Absolution.

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Absolution had some amazing contracts. There were many limitations but people used them as best as possible.
Check this for example. You needed kill entire police unit without detection and set explosives in particular places to complete this contract.


Say Whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!


Man… I’ve never played any contracts in Absolution. Kinda wish I did now. :disappointed_relieved:


Few more interesting contracts:

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