🎈 The Birthday Thread πŸŽ‰


Is it YOUR birthday today? :birthday:
Drop in and let everyone know…

How old are you?
What are your plans?
What did you get? (if anything) :laughing:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :balloon::gift::tada:


Mine is 26th November. Long wait.
Can you add a screenshot of either 47 as clown or Corky the clown in A new life?


Yeah long wait lol mine is on July 31st

And that’s a great idea!! Corky the clown!!


If I’m not mistaken, I made that 47 with a birthday hat and cake, in paint…long long ago. Forgot about it.


Oh wow really!?
Cool, awesome job if you did. A friend of mine actually printed me a card out a few years ago for my birthday, using that picture :smiley: Very creative :+1:t2:


July 3rd for me not too long to go, hoping my girlfriend will get me an Xbox one for tomb raider and quantum break etc.


My birthday is in July too! :open_mouth: The 31st.
Cool, I’m hoping my wife gets me another Hitman related item like she does every year :laughing:

Maybe the Silverballer :scream:
@DianaBurnwood hint hint :wink:


Your easy to buy for then anything Hitman related and your happy :smiley: I forgot Diana was your wife haha dropping the β€œsubtle” hints there :sweat_smile:. I always tell people what I want too.


It’s my birthday, and I plan to make music today and grill burgers tonight. Girlfriend is making me a cake. First gift today was a 2.3 GB Hitman patch on Steam. :smiley:


That was a nice surprise I bet :smiley: Happy birthday :slightly_smiling_face: Sounds like you have a nice day planned. My birthdays have sucked for years going to make a big deal out of my next birthday and get out and do something.


Yup if it’s Hitman, I’m happy :laughing:
She knows me well, I don’t have to tell her anything. She always gets me the coolest things for my bday. :smiley:


I wish my girlfriend was into gaming and didn’t just pretend to be interested when I sit telling her about games :smile:.


Well she does like Hitman, but even she nods her head sometimes when I continually talk about Hitman. Lol like β€œuh-huh, yes, I know. You told me that already.” I can’t help it sometimes haha!
But Atleast she likes it too.


Haha I go on a bit too at least she pretends and doesn’t tell me to shut up :smile:.


Never invite a bald assassin to your birthday party:


Yeah that too! But if your names β€œCarl” consider yourself lucky :smile:


Turned 18 a few days ago.

Pros: I can stay home from school whenever I want. Cons: I can stay home from school whenever I want.


Happy belated birthday :slightly_smiling_face:.


Yes, happy belated birthday @Heisenberg did you do anything special for your birthday?


Thanks. No nothing special, just relatives coming over to eat cake and shit. Don’t exactly have the friends to go out and do fun shit with lollll.

that sounded sad, rip