🎈 The Birthday Thread πŸŽ‰


Happy Birthday @Chillyschrimp


Happy bday @Chillyschrimp. :smile:


Sorry I’m late to the party. Am I too late for cake???

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Chillyschrimp!


Thank you all very much! :slightly_smiling_face: @Bielak812 @Sean_Leary @immadummee47 @FantumX


@Niobium happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY, bud!!




@Niobium :smiley:.


Happy memes @Niobium
:cake::cake: :birthday:


Hahaha, so i guess you was flagged for overuse of memes? Just remember memes dosen’t bring any useful to the discussion, i have use a meme 1 time, but i deleted the post soon after, memes is useless, it’s better to use words, but i don’t think anybody would flag you if you posted a happy birthday card/picture :smiley:


No, I think it was me and sgg847 having a flamed discussion, not sure if you were there
and β€˜necro’ bumping as the dummee calls it


Also I used it since niobium made the hitman memes thread


Where did you have a flame war with sgg?
And I don’t say necrobumping for no reason. It’s a common forum term and actually against THIS forums rules if you don’t add anything useful to the thread that you’re resurrecting. :smile:


In my opinion the only and best place to use memes is in that thread :smiley:.

I’m not sure either if i have been in the thread you are talking about :joy:.


On the Cheater vs copycats thread
That’s where I got the most flags


Have a beary happy burrday, @Niobium!


@Niobium I have come to pay my respects with this kind hearted message.


Happy Birthday @Niobium


thanks losers <3


Happy Birthday Comrade



Happy Birthday @Niobium!


Today is my birthday! There’s a cake next to my name. :wink: