🎈 The Birthday Thread πŸŽ‰


Happy 50th Birthday @FantumX Have a nice day.


Happy Birthday @FantumX :tada::gift::balloon:

Hope you have a great day my man! :sunglasses:


Happy Birthday to the Forumgrandpa aka @FantumX!

Best Wishes from Germany :grin:


Happy birthday Grandpa



@FantumX :grinning:.

A special card just for you :wink:.



@FantumX Happy Birthday! Best wishes from germany as well :hugs:


@FantumX happy birthday to our super cool beloved redneck. Much love!



Thanks kids :yum: !

You’re all awesome and I’m so glad I joined this community. Some truly great people to share bits of our lives with. I’ve been celebrating with different people pretty much all week so far. One more night planned… with my little blonde sweetie.


Gotta send some special love out to that GIF! May our Kool Aid glasses always full. :heart_eyes:


Oh, that’s awesome man! Happy Birthday! :heart: @FantumX


Thank you very much!


@FantumX Congratulations with 50 years mate! don’t worry about the numbers, 47 is over 50 and he looks as young as ever!



LOL :joy:

And no birthday is complete without HB to the ground!

Thanks Mads!


Happy Birthday! I’m not far behind.


Always! Lol
You know it, man! :sunglasses::+1:


You are a cool guy,always very nice and calm. And you use Duffy as a profile pic which is always a big plus. I sincerely hope you have a fantastic Birthday and enjoy it!


I dont know why but i just keep staring at it. This is one of the most satisfying gifs on the internet.


Happy Belated 50th Birthday FantumX! Half a century, quite the milestone.


Late again to the party I see but I’m fashionably late, right? :sweat_smile: Happy birthday @FantumX :balloon:


Thanks @Chef-assassin! Now get in the damn kitchen and cook me up something to drool over!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks @HiddenValleyLover. I do my best. Ad thanks for the BD wishes!

Thanks @Quinn. Half century - glad it’s a milestone and not a tombstone! :yum: And by the way, it’s not even 10am on my BD here in the states so you’re actually right on time! :+1:

Not late at all. Everyone else was just super early. And thanks Naz!