🎈 The Birthday Thread πŸŽ‰


Oh, of course! I am getting my timezones mixed up. The drummer in our band also has his birthday today and he’s currently travelling in Asia, so I had to mentally fastforward.

Have a great day!


@FantumX Happy Birthday!!!


Have a beary happy late burrday, @FantumX!


I love these bear pics every time that you
post. Give me a bear plz?:grin:


Thank you @Bielak812 and @scm97tl!!!

Loving the bear cake. Beary cool! :sunglasses::+1:


Happy Birthday, @FantumX



Thanks @Vinnie_Sinistra. I’ll never rat you out to the FBI, soley because of this! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awww. Thanks, man.

Vinnie Thumbs Up


But you’ll happily assassinate him during his daughter’s birthday party instead. Not sure that’s a worth while trade off. :wink:


Hitman Absolution was released on this day, five years ago. Happy Birthday Absolution!


Wasn’t a fan of SP Absolution but the contracts mode gave me over 200h of entertainment.


Missed a couple of bdays. So happy belated birthday to @SpeedsterRunner217 & @FantumX



Thanks mate! :smiley:


Hate the Game, not the Player. :kissing_heart:


Man so much potential wasted in a game. 'Tleast we have contracts mode.


Thanks @immadummee47! It was definitely a very good one. Celebrated almost all week with different groups of people each day. Began with a big family day, closed it with something a bit more intimate and several friends in between.



@TNT22 :grinning:.


Thank you!


Happy Birthday @TNT22! Have a wonderful day. :smiley: