🎈 The Birthday Thread πŸŽ‰


Thank you very much for your birthday wishes.

I am humbled.

@AGENT4T7 (Yes of course I get it!)


Happy 1 Year Anniversary, buddy! @Silverballer :cake:


i’m 32 today. Gettin’ old.

PS @Speaker and @Bielak812 - happy belated birthday wishes to you both


Happy birthday!
How are you going to celebrate?


By going to work :frowning:

But i’ll see some friends later for some beers. And I have the day off tomorrow at least…


Looks like I’ve missed a few.

Happy HAPPY belated-BIRTHDAY @Speaker & @Bielak812.

And a happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY to good β€˜ol @Quinn


Happy Birthday @Quinn .
Got a cake just for you.
Hope you like it.


Happy birthday, Quinn! Are the grey hairs emerging yet?!



@Quinn and @Force_Obscure :fireworks: :grinning:.


Have a beary happy burrday, @Quinn!


@Quinn Happy birthday !

I’m 24 today. :grinning::two_men_holding_hands:
Born the same day : 12/12 ! :birthday::balloon::tada:


Happy birthday @Force_Obscure


Happy birthday @Quinn and @Force_Obscure


Happy Birthday @Quinn & @Force_Obscure! :smiley:


@Force_Obscure @Quinn

Happy Birthday, guys! Hope it’s a good one for ya both. :tada::balloon:


Have a beary happy burrday, @Force_Obscure!


@Quinn & @Force_Obscure

Happy B-day…


Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes, and happy birthday to my birthday buddy @Force_Obscure

Pro Tip - don’t mix Rum with Irn Bru.


Late happy birthday @Quinn! :tada::uk:


I’m really belated…

First, belated β€˜Happy Birthday!’ to @Quinn and @Force_Obscure.

Second, belated β€˜Thank You!’ to You all for my Birthday wishes. Love You Guys.