🎈 The Birthday Thread πŸŽ‰


Happy bday! Congrats on that aficionado too



@ampburner :grinning:.


Have a beary happy burrday, @ampburner!


happy birthday @ampburner


Happy birthday chief in spirit @ampburner


You’re still missing 265 days for the real deal young Padawan.


Likely won’t be able to visit this forum for a entire year without missing a day


Well me and 25 other people did it :sweat_smile:


I think it more proves that 26 of us don’t get out enough.


Who defines what is enough tho?


Well, noone. At least in my case anyway, I feel like it’s a bit of a testament to how much time I spend on my computer when I should be outside more.


And why should you? Do you earn your payday at home? Are you comfortable staying at home? If you feel bad for not going out… just go freaking out.

And as for me I don’t think I’ve logged to HMF on PC more than 5 times. Only do so on mobile.





My bday is tomorrow, but nothing wrong with early parties! lol Thanks! :hugs:


Happy birthday.


It was already tomorrow here in Norway when i posted it, because i noticed the cake :wink:.


Have a beary happy burrday, @STEVEORSOMTHING!


It’s my birthday lol, I’m 26.


Happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you bastard!!
Here’s 26 cakes for you.


Have a beary happy burrday, @rattleshnake!