🎈 The Birthday Thread πŸŽ‰


@SeanBernowicz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :beers:



Thank you mannnnnnnnnn


Happy HAPPY BIRTYDAY, @SeanBernowicz


Happy bday Sean fella!


Thank you @Pissfloyd!


Sorry for the delay @SeanBernowicz

Happy Birthday, buddy!! :balloon::tada:



@YourGudBudNel :smiley:.


Thanks a lot my man! :smile:


Have a beary happy burrday, @YourGudBudNel!


Happy birthday my man @YourGudBudNel!


@scm97tl @SeanBernowicz thanks my brothas! :blush:


Wishing you a Happy B-day @YourGudBudNel!


Ayyyy thanks a lot my man :heart: :smile:


Happy Birthday my dude @YourGudBudNel :tada::tada::balloon::balloon:


puff puff pass :smoking: :laughing:

Thanks ma boiiii :heart:


Happy Birthday mate! @Mads47 :beers::tropical_drink::tada::balloon::gift:


Have a beary happy burrday, @Mads47!
Can’t get a proper birthday card right now so have this.




@Mads47 :smiley:.


@Jamy47 @scm97tl and @ingrobny Thank you all very much for the Birthday Wishes. I’ll enjoy an evening to myself, with the company of my Rib-eye and homemade oven baked potato crisps.

Luckily the girlfriend had the morning off and so did I, so when I came home from my morning walk, she was ready with Scramble eggs, Bacon, Fruit and breakfast sausages!


Enjoy the birthday my man