🎈 The Birthday Thread πŸŽ‰


Happy birthday @Mads47 :grin:
And a belated birthday to @YourGudBudNel :grin:


@Mads47 a very happy bday man!

@immadummee47 thanks a lot :blush:


Happy Birthday @Mads47! I would’ve posted a cake but @immadummee47 took them all! :wink::beers:


Happy Birthday @Mads47!
Your aniversary is tomorrow too so happy cake day in advance



Hope you have a great day @Mads47 :beers::tada::balloon:


@SeanBernowicz @immadummee47 @YourGudBudNel @Nazareth @AGENT_58 and @AGENT4T7 Thank you all! and yes Agent_58 Tomorrow is also my cakeday :wink:

Also @YourGudBudNel is it also your B-day? in that case Congrats on the day mate!

Also I think I can blame the bad weather on this guy

In Denmark if you been bad, then you will end up with bad weather. I don’t know really if that is a saying outside of Denmark. But if it is, I think I can blame it on Trump.


But is Donald going to show us his birth certificate?


Sounds awesome buddy! Enjoy the rest of your day


Happy birthday @AlyMar1994 !!




@AlyMar1994 :grinning:.


Happy birthday @AlyMar1994


Have a beary happy burrday, @AlyMar1994!


23 in 5 days.
Fuck I’m getting old.



@Bardachenko :grinning:.


Thank you @ingrobny !!!


Have a beary happy burrday, @Bardachenko!


Happy birthday @Bardachenko!


Thank you @SeanBernowicz


Today, Im 18 years old now. :smiley:


Have a beary happy burrday, @Th3m4trixX!

No birthday bear this time but what about a good-looking werewolf with a birthday card? :bear::tada::wink: