🎈 The Birthday Thread 🎉


Have a beary happy burrday, @JohnnyDrama and @Firepower!


Happy late birthday @badeaguard @BetaPete @UnitedFyodor @Trevolon and happy birthday @JohnnyDrama and @Firepower!!! :birthday: :tada: :gift: :beer:


Aww guys. Seeing all those notifications I thought I had broken HMF or something :sweat_smile: but thanks a lot man. Much love @Jamy47 @Firepower (congrats as well!), @badeaguard, @SeanBernowicz, @ingrobny, @Nazareth, @scm97tl. @IndianAgent47 :hugs:


Happy Birthday, @JohnnyDrama !


Happy birthday @JohnnyDrama

Stay away from rubber ducks


Happy birthday agent :wink: @JohnnyDrama


Thanks @Bielak812, @ICA_Agent, @AGENT_58 !


Sorry if I’m late @JohnnyDrama ! Happy bday big boy. See ya soon


Thanks, mate. See ya! :wave:t3:





Thanks!Was just about to post this gif


20 years!So old…




@AGENT_58 :grinning:.


Have a beary happy burrday, @AGENT_58!


Thank you @ingrobny @scm97tl

Also hey happy birthday to @Obibobi18 and your daughter @AGENT4T7 :grinning:


Aw, I’m touched that you remembered lol thank you, man! Also, happy birthday to you as well @AGENT_58 I hope you have a great day :blush:


not my birthday soooo birthday for me yet :frowning_face:


but happy birthday @AGENT_58


Happy birthday @AGENT_58


Happy birthday

(Happy birthday too you 20 char bullshit)


My birthday was a few months ago… the only thing i got as a present was being put into a cell. Yeah, i’ve been posting from an asylum. If i’m lucky i’ll get out before 2020.

Happy birthday @AGENT_58 :hugs::blush: