🎈 The Birthday Thread πŸŽ‰


Thanks a lot to all of you!


My Birthday is on December 28th so I want Santa 47 from You Better Watch Out please…


Happy Birthday !! @_jrok :beer: :gift::balloon::tada:

So many in November lol



@_jrok :smiley:.


Yes, happy birthday @_jrok


Hey this is a nice surprise! Thanks for the birthday wishes! @Jamy47 @ingrobny @SeanBernowicz


Happy Birthday @Quinn AND @Force_Obscure !!! :partying_face::partying_face:


Congrats @Force_Obscure, have a great one buddy :smile:


Have a beary happy burrday, @Force_Obscure and @Quinn!


Thanks! I’m 33 today. Getting on a bit.


Yes happy birthday @Quinn and @Force_Obscure :birthday: :champagne:.

(I can’t upload my usually birthday picture, maybe the server is tired of it? :joy:, this is how it looks like now:)



Yes, happy birthday @Force_Obscure and @Quinn


VR experience : having a shot with Sierra !
Who will have the fatal shot ? :hot_face::crossed_fingers:
(A shot of water of course. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.)


I hope you know the where the restroom is, because once that chilly hits you’ll break records! :sunglasses: Happy birthday @Force_Obscure and @Quinn have a great one!


Happy birthday @Agent-57 @Touchbil @InfraMoon :beers::gift::balloon::confetti_ball::tada:


Yes, happy birthday to @Touchbil @InfraMoon and @Agent-57 :birthday: :champagne: :smiley:.


Happy birthday @InfraMoon @Touchbil and @Agent-57


Happy birthday @Travis_IOI :birthday: :champagne: :smiley:.


Happy birthday to the main man himself ! @Travis_IOI :balloon::gift::ribbon::tada::beer:


Happy 30 then, Mister. :smirk: Keep doin’ the good work at the agency. @Travis_IOI