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A thread dedicated to Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Tales From the Borderlands and the upcoming Borderlands 3, as well as anything inbetween.

It’s no secret that Borderlands 3 has been in development for at least the past 3-4 years, after the release and arguable failure of Battleborn. The offical Gearbox twitter has recently teased the unveiling of Borderlands for March 28, for Pax East.

However it might not be the only Borderlands announcement. One rumour running is that Borderlands 1 will also have a remaster coming, perhaps for its 10th anniversary. While Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel got a re-release for the PS4 and Xbox One in The Handsome Jack Collection, Borderlands 1 isn’t available for those consoles yet. (Thankfully it is still available for PC, and they bothered to change the servers when GameSpy went defunct to superior Steam servers.)

I have put a lot of time into the Borderlands franchise. Borderlands 2 is the second most played game I have on Steam behind Team Fortress 2, back when I was younger and had far far more free time. Borderlands 2 I think is a bonafide classic that still holds up to this day. Borderlands 1 is a great time, even if it is obvious how much of a tighter budget that game was made on, and unlike BL2 and TPS clearly wasn’t optimised for the PC. TPS is basically fine for what it is, it was always going to be BL2.5, and considering BL3 is coming out 5 years after the release of that game, I’m glad it exists. Tales is a great spinoff, and I think one of the last great games Telltale put out.

As for Borderlands 3, I am mostly excited, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little concerned. Let’s face it, Gearbox’s record of late isn’t great, Randy Pitchford has come across worse and worse and seems to be one of those people who comes across as toxic over Twitter, and Battleborn microtransactions make me worried if BL3 will try to incorporate them too. I also think that BL2 and TPS’s humour hasn’t aged that well for me, especially when Tales came out and was far more subtle and clever on the Borderlands style. By Battleborn the writing felt pretty old at that point, so I’m hoping BL3’s writing has evolved a bit. I also feel like TPS tried to include progressive issues but did in such a way that it felt like it was lecturing the audience.

Hell, I’m hoping BL3 is still a 4 player coop FPS and nothing more honestly, maybe unless they expanded it to 6 or 8 player coop?. I really hope BL3 doesn’t try to include a competitive multiplayer element, I’d rather BL3 just try to expand and evolve what made the last 3 games great. I kindof hope they keep the Oz packs actually, I love the freedom of movement TPS gave you.

I guess we’ll see. Anyone else a big fan of Borderlands? What are you looking forward too from BL3 when it is announced?

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I only played 2 and the Pre-Sequel. The latter was underwhelming compared to 2, so I did not play the Tales thingie.
Otherwise I like the game, it is fun to build your character and then working with it. It is just the brainless gore game I like to play from time to time. I just wish the postgame was a little better. It felt like everything was empty, which is always a mood killer for a game. An usual one sadly.

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That it will launch as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. :stuck_out_tongue:



Well, Tales From the Borderlands was a point and click game from Telltale, rather than a usual Borderlands game. The Pre-Sequel was basically Borderlands 2.5, but then I think in interviews before released that was made clear, with 1 dev saying how the game was shorter than BL2 but longer than BL1. TPS was always intended as a stop gap game and I don’t think they ever lied about it.

Borderlands 2 did get a lot of post game… if you bought the DLC. The 4 major expansion packs were really good, the level cap increases added a new level which was designed as an end game dungeon, Pearlescants being added. But yeah, base game, BL2 only had 1 raid boss and that was it. TPS had a pathetic end game though.

I think it also depends if you play Borderlands in single player or coop. To me, Borderlands is a coop game first, single player second. I’ve played BL2 by myself, with 1, 2 and 3 partners, and I can say for certainity that Borderlands is a far better experience even if you just have 1 coop buddy. Borderlands single player is good but a bit mindless, I think the area and mission design is just designed so you have friends to coordinate with.



What I’ll always give credit to the Telltale story is their extraordinary writing of Handsome Jack’s character.



Such a shame we won’t get a second season also it’s a shame Telltale never funded it as well during it’s production.



My hope for BL3 is that they tie up the cliffhanger from Tales. I’d love to see Fiona and Rhys turn up as NPCs and have some side quests about them.

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Yep I was thinking they would go that route if not the base game then the DLC or something.



Ofcourse as well The Pre-Sequel ended with its own cliffhanger about a war happening and Lilith and co needing to assemble some Vault Hunters to wage a war. But then that happened at the same time as Tales episode 4, and Tales episode 5 has something like a year’s time jump after that, so be interesting to see what happens.

I’m not a big Tiny Tina fan but alot of people are, and I can’t help but bet we’re going to see a time jump and get an 18 year old Tina as one of the Vault Hunters.



Naturally it would inform the plot of three. It would be weird to leave a massive trans-universal war as a cliffhanger.

I have considered a large time gap and I have considered seeing an adult Tina but not as someone playable though.



I wouldn’t rule it out. TPS had Vault Hunters who were all previously NPCs, it wouldn’t surprise me if BL3 decides to maybe have a mix of previous NPC Vault Hunters and a set of brand new character Vault Hunters.

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I remember seeing alleged leaks of the new characters (of course I cannot vouch for their validity at all) if true than there maybe one returning VH barring DLC.

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But… this is the Hitman forum. Would this not be better suited to, I dunno, a Borderlands forum?



It’s in its own thread under the videogames category. Isn’t that enough?

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Am I the only one who played Borderlands 2 and really disliked it?



You … you should go to the “Yes or No” thread. :smiley:

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I genuinely don’t know :man_shrugging:t3:




Looks like I have to start playing online again, if this game is any good that is, I liked the first Borderlands, not that much Borderlands 2 and I didn’t like Borderlands on the moon at all.



holy FUCK

!! Rhys from TFTB is in there! this is gonna be dope