'The Butler Did It' Challenge Pack


It has landed already

It’s always the butler’s fault, right? They’re always the first to get the blame. Well, this time it’s true.

The Butler Did It Challenge Pack puts you in the shoes of a butler in the Isle of Sgàil and tasks you with completing six challenges – all whilst disguised as the butler. You won’t be opening doors and welcoming guests though.

Complete all 6 challenges and you’ll unlock your very own “Feather Duster”, a throwable non-lethal melee item. Cleaning has never been more fun – or dangerous!


Let me close and go back in. I have been in H2 for like 30 minutes now and did not see it.

EDIT: AH! There it is! Apparently the tardy was the butler’s fault as well.


Every time! They can’t help themselves but drop content when it’s after 11.30pm here in Ausland. Guess I’ll check out this and speedrun competition tomorrow. Let us know if this challenge pack is ‘good’ or ‘meh’


Can someone post what the challenges are?



First we had the fish, then the snowball, now the feather duster. :man_facepalming:


And we still have all 3, which means we can now KO 3 NPC’s without having to route for an item.


Off the top of my head these seem like they’d be easy, apart from maybe the iron maiden one


That’s this evenings entertainment sorted then! Iron maiden one will be interesting


The feather duster is kinda big! looks cool, though.

When compared size to Silverballer:

And now your suite will be even much cleaner, Mr. Morgan!

Edit: some side note. It can be concealed and legal to hold in any disguise. The feather flying animation looks pretty good! :slight_smile:


^^^^47, use BITCH SLAP!

It’s super-effective!


How silent it is compared to a wrech or similar?


Pretty silent. I didn’t test the range of its sound, but it sounds even quieter than concealable baton to me.


If it is, then being able to perform pretty silent frontal KOs can be a game changer.

Something extra, please: where do I find the cannonball and the lead pipe?


You can find two cannonballs on a shelf in the Constant’s office (above the place where you take the butler disguise). The lead pipe can only be found in the sewer where a waitress takes her smoke break.

You can also checkout some more info on the Hitman 2 maps website:


Thank you beary much!


Looks pretty epic - the feather duster really is a perfect match for this map :smile: I can’t wait for 47 to do some “feather dusting” in other maps like Santa Fortuna :yum:


It will be even more epic to be used to clean up some cocaine powders in that map! :joy:


Сompleted this pack. I have one question. As is the case with the previous pack, poisoning works only with lethal poison. Emetic poison does not work. But there is no lethal poison on this map, so you must bring your own, right?


There is one afaik, Jason Portman is carrying a poison jar.