'The Butler Did It' Challenge Pack


He has a vial of lethal poison


Thank you guys! I want to record a video tutorial and you helped me a lot.


Although most of these rewards are utterly useless items I’ll never equip or use, the challenge packs have been pretty fun to play.


That is appreciated information, but if you need to go to Portman for poison. . . I feel like you are not playing through the other missions.


Were you being serious that you did not know what a butler was?


Well, maybe the Feathet Duster isn’t silent for frontal KOs but works just like the fish by having extremely silent takedowns from behind. Plus, it has the cool feathers effect. Nice unlock!


Did it. It was fun. Only thing that bothered me was to find the leadpipe so i used hitman2maps.


Same, I had no idea where it was and there’s apparently only one.


00:00 “Pressed and Ironed”
03:21 “The Master’s Belongings”
05:25 “Tea Is Served”
06:30 “Serve The Artillery”
07:35 “Pipe And Slappers”


Keep in mind that it’s say that you need to kill someone with poison and not with a poisoned drink. So I just stabbed Zoe Washington a randomly chosen women with the lethal syringe and got the "Tea Is Served” achievement.


This Challenge Pack reminded me of the fact that I really like this map, it’s just the mission that is sub par.


Next unlock… “Mrs. Coopers whip”


Does it really matter?


I made this video for who is playing HITMAN 2 for the first time. I mean, i created this youtube channel just to help newcomers on HITMAN. lol


Makes it a bit easier to get the challenge. Most of the drinks are in very public places. With the syringe you can simply lure an NPC away from the others and poke him in the back.


i love the feather physics of the duster. the sounds are really nice too. this one i dont mind being a reskin, it’s unique enough. i wish they hadn’t removed the “bounce” of the fish (when thrown at someone), would be using it along more


I agree, sounds are great too. And the way it swings when 47 runs looks really like he‘s dusting away :joy:


Looks nice!
Looking forward to Clean this all up :smile:


Ooh, these challenges look fun.

Has anyone done testing? How quickly does it swing? Can we keep “never spotted” with a frontal attack? Does it throw? How silent is it?


Silent as a fish when hitting from behind. Can be thrown but I think does the same noise as thw fish in this regard. Swings as the baton but has the added touch of feathers falling after hitting someone. Still pretty noisy with frontal attacks, just like the fish.