'The Butler Did It' Challenge Pack


just tested, frontal attacks (NOT frontal throws) with any melee keeps SA


No matter what the reward you can’t beat the sense of achievement you get when completing one of these packs :grinning:


Did you do it on a target or a non target? Because if you do it on a target, makes no difference as you’re allowed to be spotted by the target. You gotta clarify that because if you’re right, that makes the item from useless to useful.

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non-target frontal attacks (not throws) dont count against SA with ANY melee


That can’t possibly be right, doesn’t it say compromised and unconscious witness?


i just tested it. it worked like this in 2016

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Weird, I’ll have to go back and try then!


I just tested too. Seems like Frontal attacks is fixed from the last patch. I attacked a non-target with the duster and the baton. Both times npc was orange and I still got SA. Duster has no unique ability. Still as useless as it was before it was unlocked. Lol.

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Anyone else notice that when you push the male guard into the iron maiden, he screams like Ms Washington? :sweat_smile:


yea, it’s a pretty funny oversight. i imagine there’s a similar voice line they could just reuse



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The featherduster is quite fun to play with!!


When you have it equipped (along with a butler or similar disguise) it should allow for blending in in certain spots. I’d almost say - make it an idle animation… Then I thought of standing in front of another NPC, and 47 starts dusting them. :laughing: So no.

Just the other day - I had one disguise left to get the chameleon challenge for Sapienza. Turns out it was the Butler in the Caruso Mansion. I knew this challenge was coming up, but knew none of them would be in or for Sapienza.

Hmm. Might make for a good Contract… IF one could set things like in escalations. :confused:

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Do you still keep SA if an NPC’s detection bubble fills all the way up before you manage to melee them? And does it work with 47’s best melee weapon, his fists of steel?


No way you can push a wrench into someone’s teeth and not be compromised.


sorry for late response, it doesnt work with fists


No problem, what about if their detection bubble becomes an “!”


You’ve been detected and SA is blown unless they are a target.

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Neato, thanks :slight_smile:

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Aaaaaand done :blush:

That was fun! I’ll make a compilation soon :thumbsup:
Now Colorado SASO Master!

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