The camera has almost killed the game for me

I am not sure if I am the only one who is having this issue but the problems with the camera in this game has pretty much made the experience almost unplayable for me on PS4.

It is behaving quite erratically and is reacting in a way that is completely different from the input I am trying to provide. Everytime I try to move the camera whenever I am running or walking, it always has this tendency to drift to the left. Sometimes the effect is quite subdued and it just drifts slightly to the left whereas other times the effect is significantly more aggressive and the camera gets stuck on an infinite 360 degree loop unless the player interrupts the right analog stick. Regardless of the aggressiveness of this effect, it keeps happening every 3 to 5 seconds and this frequency of disturbance, no matter how minimal, is enough to completely shatter my enjoyment of this game.

Its hard to show it in a video but I tried my best to show this bug regardless. Starting 0:02 of the video, I completely let go of the right analog stick of my controller and I have my fingers only on the left analog stick. You can see the camera spinning indefinitely without my input. Why is this happening?

PS- If you’re wondering if this is an issue exclusive to my controller, I tested several other games including Hitman Complete First Season and I had no problems. Even with HITMAN 2, this problem never takes place when you move the camera around while standing still or even aiming but moving the camera while walking/running makes the shit hit the fan.

Funny thing I never experienced this problem when the last patch dropped and it only became more prevalent just a few days ago when I was playing The Finish Line mission. And there are very rare moments when this effect just stops and everything quietly goes back to normal…until I close my game and restart it. Then it goes back to shit once again.


Huh, other games work well? Did Sony roll out a console upgrade that might have caused that?

Definitely not recently… Either way its the worst bug for me so far, moreso than the broken sniping mechanics along with other problems introduced with the last patch and I cannot play the game at this state.

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Do you use some kind of Eye tracking thing? If yes or no, turn it off if it isn’t already. :stuck_out_tongue:

No. Also, another thing to notice is that there is a pattern to this bug.

It does not drift right,up or down but only to the left and even then it happens only when you move the camera while you are trying to run or walk.

This is known issue.
Other members have also pointed out this issue.
You need to search forum. I do not know whether they were able to resolve the issue though.
If I recall correctly, one of the members took their controller to service and they said it is faulty. And got replacement. They also did not had issues with any other games. That was related to joystick sensitivity.

Is that so? I haven’t seen any thread surrounding this recently other than the official bug report thread but there are thousands of messages there and its hard to find that one message among thousands talking about this issue.

Here is the link to one I could find by quick search. But I am sure at least 2 to 3 people reported it in some other topics.

I am not sure about that because firstly, the guy is talking about a problem thats somewhat different to mine with his problem being the running button not working as intended instead of the analog stick. Secondly, since the post is from July 6, he is talking about Season 1 and not Season 2. Thirdly, since HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2018 share almost identical control setups, the best comparison would have been for me to go back and check HITMAN 2016. Well I did, and I encountered absolutely no issues with that game. Then whats the special deal with this game?

Are you able to modify X and Y axis speeds? If you do a change here, does that affect the bug?

Theres no X and Y. Just one camera sensitivity slider and yes I played around with it a lot. Dialed up the sensitivity to 2.0, messed with the camera and reverted back to 1.0. For a brief while, it really did solve the issue but once I closed the game and played it again, it came back. Tried doing the same thing again but it doesn’t work. The effect is quite inconsistent.

Is there a console-wide setting for the sensitivity?

Here is another topic I found. Similar issue.

Reading the topic and the comments there, you maybe right in your assertion that it is due to the faulty stick, exacerbated by the deadzones of this game. Still, IOI needs to look into it because if it doesn’t affect Season 1 then they should tweak the deadzones in the patch so that a large part of this problem is rectified.


I havent played since Mark Faba because of this and the progression/ranking & challenges & gameplay bugs added in that patch.

Understandable, but as I mentioned in the earlier comments, I never encountered this problem immediately after the latest patch but it only became significantly more prevalent just a couple of days ago and after looking at the comments from the other topics posted in this thread, it seems to me that its mostly a controller fault of mine.

That however does not mean I am entirely pulling away from blaming IOI because after testing several games including Season 1, I never encountered that issue. What exactly makes this game such a special case then? The horrendous implementation of deadzones? That is not my fault.

If incase anyone is reading this and suffering through a similar issue, I just purchased a new controller and it resolved the issue.


so was it a problem with the controller or the game? or both?

I have these issues as well and ONLY with Hitman 2. I’ve scoured the forum in search of others experiencing the same thing. Noticed it since day 1 (PS4 gold edition)

Yeah, camera, amongst pretty much things is broken in HITMAN 2.
Expessially it notably in Paris, when starting undercover on the second floor. Can’t remember how it called exactly, but it’s something to do with Center