The Chicken's "2020 Sucks" Steam Key Giveaway [Raffle period over]

2020 Sucks. Quarantine Sucks Too. We’re all cooped up inside, so why not play some video games.

The Raffle/Giveaway period is over. Any remaining codes are on a first-come, first-claimed basis. Pick what you like, but don’t be a jerk about it.

Keep in mind I’ve posted this on another forum I frequent for a larger sample pool, so some people from one site might be faster than others to claim something. I’ll double-check the posting time if that happens. Best of luck!

I’ve organised the list into a 3-tier system.

1. The Best Games on Steam (Very to Overwhelmingly Positive – 5,000+ reviews),

2. The Games that are great but with a low adoption count (Mostly to Very Positive – between 500 and 5,000 reviews)

3. The Games that are good but short, or have some worrying issues (under 500 reviews, some notable negative reviews)




Want to get games but afraid of increasing your Backlog? Follow this mantra: What games do I already own, want to play, but haven’t? Will I play this game as soon as I buy redeem it? How long have I wanted this game?

Then judge for yourself if it’s worth getting, or it’s just going to sit in your library till the end of time.


(Check the link behind “Frog Detective”, you inserted the wrong one)
Okay I throw my hat into this. I am only interested in one as I don’t want to build up my backlog:

(I have this in my wish list for long now and always wanted to play it but never really decided to pay for it. My lucky day?)


Thanks. Fixed it.
I feel like I should have some sort of minimum comment/existence quota so newbies don’t make an account just for this (though I’m sure it’s self-explanatory to not do that). I’m unsure what to set it as. 50? 100 comments?

Hacknet is a great, fun game. Hopefully it is your lucky day, but I’m drawing the names next week. Need to keep this open long enough for enough people to apply for codes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can advocate for Hand of Fate 2! (Or, at least the first game in the franchise.) Very fun deck-building RPG Action rogue-lite. I haven’t played the sequel, but I’m sure it improves on the original.

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I too, may throw my hat into the ring.

Euro Truck Simulator 2
This isn’t so much for me, but for my younger brother. And me, a bit :wink: . Driving games are pretty fun and I don’t have many anymore, only Forza. When I was younger I had pretty much only driving games on the PS3.
Think of the Children
Looks pretty interesting and fun. And I see no reason why not to pick one, I have my games fairly sorted out.

Thanks for this opportunity. Good luck to everyone else!

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Nice incentive of you. I’m rolling for

Satellite Reign, as I hope this is similar to Shadow Tactics in a more modern setting. I’ve been thinking about getting it on and off, but the comments about how clunky AI is and 4 character coordination real time without pause held me off. This may be the time to try it :slight_smile:


Void Bastards
Gives System Shock 2 vibes and cell shading looks totally awesome

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it’s a cool game, if you play it, don’t put all exp into stealth, otherwise the endgame enemies will fuck you up

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Don’t think I forgot about this.

Put your names in before 8pm ET tomorrow for a chance to win stuff. (some are a guaranteed win since some games have zero applicants)

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Hollow Knight
I’ve heard some good things about it and wanted to check it out.
Void Bastards
Seems like an interesting game. The graphics are also cool.

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Really appreciate you doing this.
I’ll go with hollow knight

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Okay, as you probably know by now, submissions are closed. I’ll put the lists through a randomizer, announce the winners and give out the codes tomorrow morning.
(Sorry, it’s getting late here. I’ve been busy with some weekend school work.)

The codes I don’t give away will be first-come first-served. Though, please be nice and don’t take 'em all at once.


We have our winners! The following games go to the following people:
Hollow Knight: InfraMoon

Euro Truck Simulator 2: Sapienzafication47

Duck Game: Blind Sniper

Hacknet: Urben

Machinarium: Lupinb0y

Hand of Fate 2: Pipas

Mr. Shifty: DeliciousDeku

Void Bastards: Vrubayka

Paradigm: Lupinb0y

Satellite Reign: Pilz

Tower of Guns: Blind Sniper

Paperbark: Cocoa2736

The Adventure Pals: DeliciousDeku

Death Squared: 4k60fpsHDR

The Gardens Between: Blind Sniper

The Stillness of the Wind: Blind Sniper

Think of the Children: Sapienzafication47

Paper Fire Rookie: Zombiekiller3121

I’ll be sending out your codes now through PMs. Thank you for your patience, and thank you to all who participated.

Any games not given away are a first-come first-served basis. Please comment below for your pick(s). I’ll also be removing the claimed games from the list soon too.