The Classics challenge for World of Tomorrow won't unlock

Platform: PS4

I’ve completed all 5 classic challenges for this mission on master difficulty.

All individual classic challenges (silent assassin, sniper assassin etc.) are showing as completed for all difficulties, yet “The Classics” challenges for professional and casual are both showing that I’ve only completed 1 out of 5.

Hence “The Classics 1” for professional difficulty won’t unlock. This bug is keeping me from getting the all-black suit. Really frustrating.

Should put this on the bug report thread.
Also whats your platform and provide a screenshot

to unlock the classics challenges you need to complete them for every mission. that’s why it’s 1 out of 6, you’ve only done world of tomorrow?

No I’ve done all of them. The issue is just with World of Tomorrow.

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So you’re saying that you’ve unlocked the classics coin (master) but not all black suit (professional)?

Could you provide screenshots of the challenges. It would be easier to understand and help.

Yeah. There’s The Classics 1 for master difficulty ticked, but not for professional.

Can only attach one screenshot per post. But here’s 6/10 classic challenges for casual and professional…

And there’s the other 4.

Yes it’s bugged…strange
You posted in the wrong bug thread (that’s for H2016)
Post here: Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

Since you completed The Classics on Master then The Classics on Professional & Casual should also be completed.
Add that in your post.