The Colorado destination

Hey guys

Did we ever com up with a solution to the problem with getting access to Colorado mission?

I have the disc but are stuck in Bangkok. How do I get access to Colorado thx

What exactly makes you think that you don’t have access to particular mission?
What does the screen say? Do you have any message or whatever that makes you think that you don’t have access to the level?
What platform are you on? What kind of a game (HITMAN 2016 or HITMAN 2) do you have?
What kind of a disc do you have?

Provide some more info so that somebody could help you

I had access up until Bangkok without problems, but when I try to access Colorado it sends me of to the store for purchase. I play on Xbox one with a disc installed.

But he’s racing on Xbox.
Will this guide help?

I’m assuming that the destination is saying Get Access because then it’s taking him to the store.

I tried to reboot the damn thing and apparently it seems to work. As we speak it’s installing the last destinations. Thank you for your help