The community Hitman 3 escalation

So Kotti got his own escalation in Paris and BigMooney did too in Miami

Who do you think will get to do the Dubai escalation.

CJ and Urben are already NPCs in Maldives so maybe other members will get a shoutout. Forthe, Bernando, GuLe, Bendingcheese and mendientinha are all possible too. Honestly if I would entrust anyone to make a really creative contract it would be Urben. However it is, we’ll be happy you made it to the game so make it good.

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I’m still praying that Glacius will finally get some recognition :upside_down_face:


Wait, CJ in Haven?

I thought Urben, Chaos Agent & Jack 9mm were on Haven. I don’t really remember CJ…

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Probably @Fortheseven because he’s the loudest one around here /s

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I was supposed to make one for H2 alongside bigmooney, but sadly couldn’t make it.


Well it might be that he’s not, the ski instructor is called CJ so its likely.