The Covering Witness (New Contracts Mode Feature)

The Feature:
Search for an NPC and mark it green during instinct.
After marking a “witness” the player is able to place a laptop/safe somewhere on the map.
Now after placing a laptop/safe “the witness” will hold [automaticly] a dongle/combination for the laptop/safe with some intel about the target(s).
Acquiring the intel reveals the identity of the target.

Other things to know:
The picture(s) of the target(s) during the briefing,
the loadingscreen and in contracts mode itself are questionmarked.
The witness is marked as a green spot on the map and during instinct
The witness is still a person who acts as a regularly NPC, so killing the witness will cause a penalty.
Every target that is connected to the witness has Elusive Target-properties,
what means, that the target isn’t marked red and can’t be seen on the map or during instinct.
Five witnesses can be connected to five targets per contract.
Place a safe/laptop, remove it and place a safe/laptop again to get a different look of the safe/laptop

Other Features:
Turn on-off the E.T.-propertries for every single target
Turn on-off the highlighted green color/green dot on the map for every single witness

A few final words:
I know it sounds like rip-off of a feature that is already in the main game,
but I think this feature could be a nice addition for the contracts mode.
And while most of the needed functions are already in the game,
I think it wouldn’t be that hard to create THAT as a feature for the contracts mode.


All sounds cool! What about also enabling contracts to also be like ETs where new players only get 1 try?

Yes[no!] and you can buy yourself in again with some blood money.:sunglasses:

I dig this idea. I only play featured contracts to unlock the extra equipment; aside from that, I don’t touch it. THIS would make me want to play Contracts Mode a lot more.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I have to admit I don’t play it either, and at the moment it feels to me like it’s only worth to play it,
if you are some kind of a heck of a guy who can place fire-extinguisher after fire-extingusher (kudos for this awesome idea) to kill a target in a spectacular way or you want to unlock something.
And I’m not that creative in this way, so I just think about ideas that could make this mode a bit more interesting, beside learning all the secret stuff you can do to creat the kill with a skill level of 9000.

That… would massively destroy the replayability of contracts. This isn’t a good idea.


THAT…makes me a sad :panda_face: