The Covert Dispersal Escalation 5.9.2019

The second Escalation that was released today:



I liked this one as well, a fun little escalation :grinning:.

Pistol kill in Level 1.

Lethal Poison Syringe kill and Pistol kill in Level 2

Pistol kills and Lethal Poison Vial kill on the 3rd target in Level 3.


The only thing this escalation has of an escalation is the name. Literally it’s just killing generic targets in whatever way you want without any sort of complication. This is the kind of thing you could have easily found by searching for random contracts in WC.

Oh well, at least thse are effortless performance points for the challenge.


I liked that, it was in contrast to The Dalton Dissection Escalation which was very restricted, but also fun.

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This is not escalation.
This is regular contract with any/any with no restrictions


What do you mean, it surly escalated from one target to three targets :stuck_out_tongue:.


Dalton was definitely the main event. Glad I played this one first as not to get disappointed

Cool little trick you can do is shoot near them and lure them upstairs for some easy kills

Just a glorified contract, nothing more

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Unironically they should’ve had sticky pistol in this escalation and had pistol kills as a requirement. Would’ve made it at least a little more interesting

As said before, this was just a generic contract and not an escalation. Yes all three targets are undercover bodyguards, which is neat, but there was nothing that made this Escalation be memorable. No complications, no objects, no mandatory disguise or weapon… nothing. Just kill three dudes and be done.

Nahh not with those targets. Still would not have been interesting

You can make any target interesting with a good route

Absolutely 100% false

I thought a static target would be terrible but Soders was great. The new escalation also had a static target that was great


How is that related to stating that you can make any target interesting? It’s still false

If getting to the target or the methods were interesting the Escalations would’ve been more fun

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I’m not sure I would manage to pull off level 3 in ths Escalation if i had to use a pistol, the only thing I came up with, was to fire up the grill and serve the guests to the target came over, I quickly poisoned the food and asked the target if he wanted a snack, I’m glad he was a bit hungry :smiley:.

… The point is that you stated this:

which is simply not true. Take the lone npc at the shrine in Colombia for example. No matter what kill restrictions or disguise restriction or whatever you come up with, that target will never be interesting

Give him body guards

This one was nothing major. Targets are too easy to eliminate with phone and teasers. This map has more potential for escalations than this.