The Deceivers - When it goes wrong

So I got an unlucky coin follow from a bodyguard while I was pushing one of my targets out of a window. Mission failed.

Do these missions repeat in time?

they repeat but if you’ve failed then you don’t get a second chance

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IO might reactivate them after the Steam release next year :slight_smile:

I get that. I would have restarted but the option wasn’t there after hell broke out.

I don’t mind waiting until they ‘come around again’ but one try and you’re cooked seems a little mean. I had read that disconnecting the console didn’t help.

for future reference, shutting off your console/disconnecting your internet lets you retry the mission from the start even if you’ve already completed an objective


I was struck by how quickly and how many aggressors there were once you were spotted.

I made it safely to a bathroom trunk which normally would allow things to die down (as I had killed my first target), but this time they knew by telepathy that I was in there, so no escape possible.

Does it still work right now, in HITMAN 3?
I read people saying in HITMAN 3, in this case, if you’re restarting, you’ll start with an objective completed.
Not sure how it influeces gameplay though

all I heard was that it works exactly the same as it used to despite the incorrect error message but I might be wrong on that

I’m too much of a coward to have experienced that in ETs, I always quit out straight away if something goes wrong. but I have had that experience with containers in regular missions, telepathic guards are the worst

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Apart if the player has already completed (or failed) an ET. If that’s so, the player won’t be able to play it again (if the H2 formula is still in use in H3).

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It still works.

The messaging is odd but the trick is still there. At least on PC, I tested it a few times. I’m sure it’s the same on console but I didn’t personally test it there.

I wouldn’t call it a trick.
Well, ok, it may be a trick on ISP/game server part most of the times :slight_smile:

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My lawyer advises me to say “the internet just kept cutting out every time I was spotted and my silent assassin rating was ruined. It had nothing to do with me disconnecting the Internet”


Yeah, it was never a player’s fault

If we get some genuinely new H3 Elusive Targets I hope some of you wusses will find your courage and saddle up with the #TeamNoRestarts possie. Ride to freedom, comrades! :grin:

That’s what makes these things fun. You can cheese it and go in and just snoop around to learn the routes ect and then restart or remove ALL the guards around one by one and restart if you get caught bc the targets are still alive, but my recommendation is to just go in and play it on the first attempt. That doesn’t mean you don’t recon the area but just play it as it goes.

I failed one or two in H2016 and I think only 1 in H2018. I certainly didn’t get SA on all of them though.

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I don’t mind failing, that’s part of the challenge (though the ‘Deceivers failed’ icon on the home page will taunt me for a few more days).

I do hope that over time I can make 10/10 challenges and that my task is not screwed because I slipped up on step one.

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I doubt the challenge is built around perfect performance. I think there is a 3,6,9,12, and 15 ET challenge and a 1 and a 5 SA ET challenge. My guess is that means we will get 18 or 20 ETs to allow for a slip up here or there. They have a ton of them built. I think they should run them all. Even the less perfect ones. Some people enjoy the little stories and an ET that you may not like I may love. The musician in Paris I really liked even though no one else did.


No need to turn it off though, just close the application. On PS4 after 90 minutes of waiting for a poison kill i accidentally face hugged someone with a wrench. End of mission [completion] (could be failure etc.) it sends the data of that run’s ID to IO.

So if you killed one already , you can’t restart in the in-game menu because that’s intended gameplay, but killing the application prevents it from being registered. One could say you Silent Assassinate the results.

This is exactly what happened to me. Poisoned one target no problem, tried to do the same to the other but that wasn’t working so I fiber wired him instead. Then things took a turn for the worst as i got caught dragging his body :persevere:

Then the guards all came out of nowhere.

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If you get caught and ruined silent assassin you can restart your game and you can then replay it but if you died this strategy won’t work