The DEFINITIVE, COMPLETE Sniper Contract Thread

All good, usually speedrunners find a way to ‘cheat’ to get better times. I’ve even done it a couple times myself so my leaderboard ranking catches up to these guys.

But yeah, in general the premise is you can just go to one location and kill all the targets, no need for running around or using gadgets.

I am absolutley atrociois with snipers most of the time, but I’ll happily put myself up for a little challenge! Anyway, that’ll be a couple more runs on PS4 for you eh?

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My bad, I should have paid more attention; I’m more for freedom of expression than restrictions. :wink:

So long as you’re having fun!

Aye, that can be difficult with this game in its current state…

I’ll mooch off this thread to plug a couple of potentially interesting sniper contracts on Xbox in case anyone is looking for more, I’d love to see these recreated on PC and PS4!
The first is one I created in H2016:

The second is one posted by @TheBored23 to the February featured contracts thread, whose post I will link here. For what it’s worth I think his was criminally overlooked, seeing as it has only 2 completions. Super creative title and description and fun contract.

Thanks to @Yellow_ZR1 for recreating on PS4! ID: 2-03-0625696-21


If anyone finds these on PC let me know!

What is the sniper location of the first one? Rocco’s apartment?

Half the fun is in figuring it out! But I will say that there isn’t one specific perch to hit every target at once. If you must know, the best sightlines are in the mansion - I created it with the intent of sniping the two on the pier from the railing outside the observatory, and the two in the town hall from the roof above de Santis’s office, but there are faster ways without so much vertical movement, I’ve completed it really quickly by aiming from the area around the kitchen and railing where the chef goes to take a phone call. Have fun!

Awesome, nice going!!

@_jrok - Again, not the best run - clipping on walls is never the best :joy: - but here’s something for High Time. Nice contract. :+1:


Finally have got the time to play through these now. Very excited

Edit: Got myself a few high scores on ps4 but am finding Marrakesh very difficult


Nice run! Glad to see you managed that kill on the dishwasher, I thought the door made for a pretty unique kill when I created it.

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Hi, there! This contract seems fun, so I recreated it on PS4. Have to delete one sentence to have enough space to give a note about you being the original creator, though. Anyway, I hope you like it! :slight_smile:

Contract ID for PS4: 2-03-0625696-21


Cool contract, was fun to play! And we all did it in a different way :sunglasses: @Ed_ll3
SSASO from the Ruins

thanks @Yellow_ZR1 for recreating :cowboy_hat_face::+1:

Nice run! Never would have thought of that last kill, seriously cool. I didn’t expect this one to have too much variety in runs, cool to see you do it from the other side of the map!


Lovely shot on the dishwasher. I didn’t think there would be an angle on him from the ruins so didn’t even try.

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This will probably be my last Sniper Assassin mission until the next sandbox location comes out. I originally made this in December but accidentally left the kill methods on, which spoils the puzzle of the best way to get SA, and takes away the player’s choice to find their own way. I’ve waited three months for a ‘delete contract’ function, but it’s become clear this is not happening, so I decided to recreate it any way.

PC: 1-21-0018256-52
PS4: 2-21-5963767-11 (DessieScissorhands)
Xbox: 3-21-5740183-80 (CamTheChest)


The last mission has to be the 47th post in this thread, absolutely perfect! Thank you for creating these great contracts. :blush:

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Most of them don’t. Only two have them as a forced complication, one (Sapienza) of which is 15 minutes (which you really don’t need), the other is Sniper Assassin Miami, which I regret I wish I made it optional or longer. (My thinking was if I put a timer in then that would rule out people running across the map to kill someone the old fashioned ways, cos they wouldn’t have enough time if they went to all the targets in person)

All the rest don’t have them or they’re optional, so think of your first run (failing the optional timer objective), as a practice run to figure out what to do! Then once you know just go back and do it again :slight_smile:

The ‘bonus’ missions (Podium Sniper, Rooftop Sniper) are designed to be more difficult, and because I noticed that IO has a thing for featuring contracts which have forced complications, so I figured I should make a couple sniper contracts with some.