The DEFINITIVE, COMPLETE Sniper Mission Pack (Now On All Platforms!)


Finally have got the time to play through these now. Very excited

Edit: Got myself a few high scores on ps4 but am finding Marrakesh very difficult


Nice run! Glad to see you managed that kill on the dishwasher, I thought the door made for a pretty unique kill when I created it.


Hi, there! This contract seems fun, so I recreated it on PS4. Have to delete one sentence to have enough space to give a note about you being the original creator, though. Anyway, I hope you like it! :slight_smile:

Contract ID for PS4: 2-03-0625696-21


Cool contract, was fun to play! And we all did it in a different way :sunglasses: @Ed_ll3
SSASO from the Ruins

thanks @Yellow_ZR1 for recreating :cowboy_hat_face::+1:


Nice run! Never would have thought of that last kill, seriously cool. I didn’t expect this one to have too much variety in runs, cool to see you do it from the other side of the map!


Lovely shot on the dishwasher. I didn’t think there would be an angle on him from the ruins so didn’t even try.


This will probably be my last Sniper Assassin mission until the next sandbox location comes out. I originally made this in December but accidentally left the kill methods on, which spoils the puzzle of the best way to get SA, and takes away the player’s choice to find their own way. I’ve waited three months for a ‘delete contract’ function, but it’s become clear this is not happening, so I decided to recreate it any way.

PC: 1-21-0018256-52
PS4: 2-21-5963767-11 (DessieScissorhands)
Xbox: 3-21-5740183-80 (CamTheChest)


The last mission has to be the 47th post in this thread, absolutely perfect! Thank you for creating these great contracts. :blush:


I wish so many of these didn’t have a time limit as a complication, as I’d like to really take my time with them :slightly_frowning_face:


Most of them don’t. Only two have them as a forced complication, one (Sapienza) of which is 15 minutes (which you really don’t need), the other is Sniper Assassin Miami, which I regret I wish I made it optional or longer. (My thinking was if I put a timer in then that would rule out people running across the map to kill someone the old fashioned ways, cos they wouldn’t have enough time if they went to all the targets in person)

All the rest don’t have them or they’re optional, so think of your first run (failing the optional timer objective), as a practice run to figure out what to do! Then once you know just go back and do it again :slight_smile:

The ‘bonus’ missions (Podium Sniper, Rooftop Sniper) are designed to be more difficult, and because I noticed that IO has a thing for featuring contracts which have forced complications, so I figured I should make a couple sniper contracts with some.


Oh. That’s on me, then; I see the timer in the complications and just write it off immediately because I assume it is forced and it doesn’t gel with my playstyle.


Nooo, definitely give them a try! All of them will be fine for you to figure out if you take your time, apart from maybe Miami; I’m not that bad :stuck_out_tongue:

For some reason my favourite is Sniper Assassin: Palace Garden… has a backstory and a pretty view, and if you get good at it you can complete it in 69 seconds


Incredible work there :open_mouth:
GG :+1:

Looking forward to test your contracts, cheers!


So how many ways are there to light the large fire at the phoenix monument asides from shooting at the fuel with a gun?

Will any spark light it? So tasers will also do it? What about BC’s?

Ah wait… I get it now… it counts as an Oil Leak doesn’t it? :slight_smile:


Especially the damn miami map. 6 minutes only. With 1 min gone to retrieve sniper rifle and run back to motel…



Play literally any other one but that one if you don’t want a forced timer :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, how much better would Miami be for sniper contracts if they actually let you stand on top of the rooftop and not have a wall in front of you, like their promo material



For miami, wouldnt it have been better then to make it an obligatory Sniper Rifle kill for the medic on the other side of the map? Then you can do away with the timer.

Besides even if someone were to run across the map, this would no doubt show up in their score/time anyway, when they take like 8 or 9 min to beat the map, meaning we know they “cheated”.


I already got silent assassin for that miami map.
But I had to use coin and break the necks for 2 targets :disappointed:
One day i will go back to that map and figure out how to kill everyone with sniper rifle in 5 min.


What medic on the other side of the map? That’s why I chose the race marshall at the steward’s box as a target.

But yes, this was one of my earlier contracts and if I was able to edit or re-do it, I would do it differently

And you’ll figure it out, buddy x