The Dexter Discordance Escalation (November 2017)

Like Corky there wasn’t a thread, so I’ll drop my runs here…

The Dexter Discordance Levels 1-3

0:00 Level 1 (0.48)
1:26 Level 2 (1.06)
3:20 Level 3 (1.58)

I know I’m very late playing this, but did anyone else notice a bug where the count of the number of trespassers entering 47’s room did not match the number in there? On level 2, where I cause mass panic, most of the time, say, 5 would enter the room, but it would only register 4. So when I killed them and finished the mission I’d have one non-target kill. I’ve not had the pleasure of using the Striker yet, but it seems that it shoots through the target more often that it hits. Also there was a 1GB update tonight for Xbox so I don’t know if that has caused the problems or they were always there?

I think that’s just caused by lag.

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@gule: Here are two videos showing the issues I found. Of course, the gun could be me not using it properly, but I’d like to know if anyone else has noticed this or has this been happening since the update last night?

Hitman Bug - Wrong Trespasser Count

Hitman Bug - Striker Issues

@Travis_IOI: Do these qualify as bugs?