The Divine Descendance

This topic is for discussing about the upcoming escalation in Mumbai:“The divine descendance”;which arrives on 10th October.
After completing it you will be rewarded with the Imperial Classic with gloves-which was previously announced to be an Elusive Target reward,but the developers decided not to make an Elusive Target in Mumbai(but maybe you are already informed about this).

Let’s start the conversation!:slightly_smiling_face:


I really like this outfit. Only wished the outfit had a belt because it looks a bit off without it.

About the escalation, wonder if it’ll involve pacififying the target in place of killing him or some fun gimmick.


Your Usually not meant to wear a belt with a vest


After a few early nights this week, tonight is gaming night :clap: I’ll start with this then head into a bitter pill!

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The escalation is live!




Level 1 and 2 was not that much trouble…:

… but I used too much time escaping, that the body was found where I used a non-silenced pistol, I was so close… :cry:

but at least a new suit :grinning::


Level 1:

Started as Food Vendor with lethal poison. Waited for target to walk by and offered him the poisoned food.

LeveL 2:

Same as before but also brought a silenced pistol with me. Entered the nearby apartment, waited for the Holy Man to stand under the sign and shot it for an accident kill. Then moved to the tea shops and killed the second target with poisoned tea.

Level 3:

This one was a bit tricky, but eventually I found a relatively fast method.

Started as Metal Worker with the lockpick, coins and an unsilenced pistol. Went to the metal worker apartment and distracted the worker on the balcony. Picked the lock when he wasn’t looking and used coins to lure him inside. Subdued him and hid him in the closet. Waited downstairs until the Holy Man passed by and lure him inside the apartment, too. Killed him with the pistol and hid the body. Grabbed the car battery from the metal worker workshop. Moved to the area with the tea stands, hid inside a crowd and waited for the target to walk through the big puddle. Threw the car battery into the puddle for the accident kill.

Overall not a bad esclation.


Hey it’s our national holiday (Taiwan 10/10) ! So glad this come out on the same day!


I like how non-straighforward this is. There are loads of different ways I already see people tackle either getting lucky in an accident or the holy man in a spot where his body would not be found. Good one.


HUM HUM I I respecccc… HUM HUM I respect your choice :persevere:

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What the hell are they planning to do with the electrocution phone? It’s in a shit state right now. At least it was a reliable cheap way of having an accident kill before. Now, they seem to manually gimp “targets” of their choice (e.g. lvl 3 accident guy in this escalation) to ignore the phone after a short glance at it.
Just remove this shit item then. This unrealible behaviour is the worst state it can be.

There, I’m so mad I even rebooted the game up to make a screenshot of gloveman pointing his most lethal gun at you, IO:


It is not a “shit” item as you call it.It is very useful and it works as a coin when it comes to who pickes it up.If a person sees you place the phone and tells you to pick it up and you don’t,another person next to that NPC(if there is)is going to pick it up.If there isn’t after some time that person will pick it up(especially if it rings).


I think the most lethal gun is Striker/El Matador,not Rude Ruby.

Before you could place it on the floor, and the first person to notice it would pick it up.

This phone can be tricky sometimes,but it is still very good.

Speaking of the phone, does it still count as accident kill? I remember using it once and lost SA.

A non-target must have died because they were really close to the target or you lost SA in another way because it has always counted as an accident kill.

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Glad I rarely use it, in this Escalation and level 3, I turned off the power (where the target stops), subdued the guard who came to turn it back on, shot the extension outlet in the water puddle, waited for the target and he turned the power back on and electrocuted himself when he walked over the water puddle on his way back :grinning:.