The "Essentials" Mastery Track

So, I am a bit annoyed by all of the mark II items. Not for the reason that others are (the stickers), but because they clutter up my item selection screen. I also feel like all of the slightly different but not sooo different Sieger 3000’s (and other items with multiple versions) do the same.

My solution is the “Essentials” Mastery Track (EMT for short). It’s a separate mastery track that runs across all missions. Any mastery you gain in any mission counts towards this mastery track (as opposed to only the mastery track of the mission). (you could actually use the Malus Necessarium score for this)
Here you unlock (surprise surprise) essential gear and weapons. If you get H2 with the Legacy pack, and want to start in H2, you will start unlocking the lockpick, coins, etc right away, but the same happens if you start in the Legacy pack, or if you just jump wildly between missions.

The Mastery tracks for the missions would be reserved for starting locations, smuggle points, and items that fit with the theme or can be found on the level (like throwing stars in Hokkaido, or ceremonial knife in Sgail)

Finally, the EMT would be split in two segments. The first part is all of the basic stuff, from the lockpick to the Sieger 3000. Once all of this is unlocked, you go into the upgrades/skins part, where stuff like skins for your items, or scopes, silencers etc for your sniper are. Upgrades and skins would be applied by pushing a designated button while selecting the weapon or item, and any upgrades would be remembered for the next session.
This way you don’t see five different Siegers and three different lockpicks, etc, while chosing your gear.

Maybe not a 100% original topic, but I think it solves a few problems at the same time in a decently simple way.



Yeah I’m definitely behind this. It’s going to be a huge problem in H3 if they do it the same way as in H2 and this sounds like a great solution. Honestly, they should put out more suits and cosmetics than explosives imo. We have way too many explosives.

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It’s not terminal but the equipment selection screen could do with improving. I can see some merit in changing the way items are gained but I doubt there’s any chance of that for this game. Could be in the future, though. Sub-menus definitely would improve the equipment choice screens.

If H3 makes me play H1 and H2 again to unlock stuff I´ll be pissed


100% agree, this seems like a great idea. The Mk IIs mean that you get less new unlocks in the new levels and that’s a MAJOR no-no imo

I hate to bump stuff but…
In the light of the two new locations coming up (and hopefully H3) I’d like to add that the Essential Mastery Track obviously should have a cap that can be unlocked/increased by the devs when new material is released so you once again can gain levels of mastery for the EMT.

It’s a small addition to what I’ve already outlined, but I felt it was important as it clarifies how this would work in tandem with DLC and new seasons.

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