The Faffing Around Factor

So, I was trying to think about the different things that make me want to replay missions in HITMAN (2016), and came across this sort of muddled idea of the Faffing Around -Factor (FAF).
Basically, it’s the quality of a mission that makes you want to play it again because it invites you to just improvise without any real plan.

There are missions in HITMAN (2016) that have more of this, and missions that have less of this. Some missions I almost never play unless I have a plan ready, others I can just jump into to waste time,knowing the level allows for it.

Just as an example, the default starting point in World of Tomorrow:

From this spot you can sort of go anywhere and do anything. The location doesn’t feel like it prefers you to do anything over anything else. After this spot, whereever you go, the mission keeps presenting you with multibranches (not just two or one choices) and ways to backtrack.

Compare this to A Gilded Cage:

This instantly forces you to chose between two paths. Then again, and again.

A much better default starting point would be something like this:

or this:

This is fairly close to being a sort of nexus for the map, where every option is at your finger tips.

Missions like (for instance) Club 27 sort of lacks this feeling to me. I can’t think of a spot in there where you just get that same feeling.

Now this is just in relation to the starting point. Other things that invite you to faff around is things like:

  • Unique Disguises
  • Large amounts of stuff that has nothing to do with the main campaign (all of the vehicles that can be blown up, chandeliers with no obvious use, etc).
  • Multiple paths that keeps branching into multiple paths and options to backtrack.

So I guess what I am saying is that I want future missions to all have this sort of factor (even though it’s not precisely defined here) that encourages a player to drop into the map without a plan and just wing it.

So what about you guys? Are there any things that help encourage you to just go into a mission and faff about?


Interesting. I’d say Miami, Colombia and Mumbai do this rather well, but Sgail and Whittleton don’t learn their lesson in this regard. Interesting thread to look back on, in hindsight

I suppose it could be solved by placing the default mission spawn in the center of the map, rather than on the border in some cases

As @Kent pointed out 3 years ago , Marrakech would have been greatly improved with one of his suggested spawn points.

By spawning at or near the centre, you are granted opportunities and pathways essentially in every direction rather than having to pick between one of 2 paths