The Fanmade Challenge Packs Thread

Hello, Hitman Forum.

Today I wanted to start a new thread for ‘fanmade challenge packs’. Challenge packs made by HMF users for others to enjoy.

You may be confused, so how does this work?

When a user wants to make a challenge pack for this thread, they should think about the following before starting:

  1. ‘What will my challenge pack’s topic & name be?’

  2. ‘In which map will it take place?’ (If a challenge pack takes place in a map with two or more missions, specify which one)

Once the user has that in mind, they should start by planning the different challenges the pack will contain. Most in-game challenge packs range from 4-6 challenges each, but feel free to take your freedom and add (or reduce) the amount of yours.

Keep in mind that if you don’t specify using certain NPC/mission target, your challenge could be done in contracts mode.

Once that is planned, the user should test if the challenges they made are possible, trying them in the game.

If they are, they are free to publish it.

If you are still confused (or want to play mine, please do), here’s my challenge pack:

Robbery of the Century (New York):

A promising start:

  • Become the bank robber.

  • Open the vault with a crowbar.

  • Loot the vault’s content.

An Oldie but a Goldie:

  • Eliminate 3 guards with the Golden Sawed Off Bartoli 12G dressed as a bank robber.

  • If a body gets found, the counter resets.

Weakening the security:

  • Eliminate Mateo Pérez dressed as a Bank Robber.

  • Delete the camera footage.

  • Escape the using the armored car.

Ruby Red’s assistant:

  • Give Ruby Red the Cronkite files disguised as a Bank Robber.

This can be done SA, although you need to make Pérez and 3 random guards targets in contracts mode to achieve said rating.

Feel free to post yours!


Love this. Fan made challenges and contracts will always win my heart

Edit: reminds me of my PEN contracts and their additional challenges


I really hope to see yours, Contractor. You are one of the most creative users out there.

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My dream is if we had a real sandbox tool allowing us to create own missions, targets, challenge packs, etc.
Something like Sims character creation room. Those who played Sims must know what I mean.
In that room we could create our own numerous NPCs, just like in Sims, and choosing all the parameters for the mission - own mission within existing location, just like guys creating in Modding Thread.
I was thinking about it from that moment when I saw first modded mission.
How cool would that be, huh?


It would literally be the perfect contract simulator. Imagine the endless possibilities that could come up from the thousands of users.


Okay well as I said, love this idea, so I took some time and thought about it and made my own little challenge pack for Hokkaido.

Hippocratic Wrath

Plaintext version

Facial Deconstruction

  • Eliminate Jason Portman with a headshot
  • In the hospital

I’ll Do The Postmortem

  • Kill 3 morgue doctors with a scalpel
  • They can only be killed after witnessing a kill

Cardiac Arrest

  • Fake surrender in the organ storage room

Medical Waste

  • Inject a surgeon with lethal poison while disguised as a surgeon
  • Dispose of the body in an incinerator

The Heimlich Subduer

  • Subdue a patient in the restaurant while dressed as a doctor

Don’t Go Into The Light

  • Stun a target with a flash device
  • Eliminate the target while they are stunned

Did it take a while? Yes. Did I enjoy doing it? Oh you bet ya


Can’t wait to try it out for myself!

The cool thing is some of these (not the location-specific ones) can be done with QuickEdit already.

I really hope that IO gives us more flexibility in creating stuff in Hitman 3. QuickEdit already proves that there is an incredible amount of versatility possible in making custom missions.

The last few updates to QuickEdit are also pretty astounding, particularly the flows feature. If you are on PC I’d recommend giving it a try.

I don’t have pictures, but I still think it’s a decent challenge.

I have an alibi.
Miami challenge pack

  1. To die for: Eliminate Robert Knox with a poisoned coconut ball. The ball must be given to him by the real Florida man.

  2. Terminator: Eliminate Sierra Knox with the robot assassin. Derek McInnis may not be harmed in any way. Including emetics.

  3. Sabotage: Eliminate Maxwell Rutter in an explosion accident caused by Robert Knox.

  4. Overdose: Eliminate Florida man with a lethal injection after giving him the cocaine brick.

Only a couple of them are genuinely tricky, but it was still fun trying to come up with things that fit the theme.

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Nice one, Contractor. Haven’t tried it yet but I still love the presentation.

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This one looks though to do. I’ll try it out soon.