The Finish Line - First impressions

This thread is made to post your first impressions about the ‘The Finish Line’ mission in Miami, USA. :racing_car:

Have fun playing the game! :slight_smile:




The swiss cheese design seems as good as Paris in this one. The only thing I don’t like so far is how the outside parts of the Krondstat building are underutilised. The ones where the military guy hangs and to the left if you’re looking at the entrance. Also, getting your equipment from the van is cool but hopefully will be optional when reaching 20 mastery level like in Hokkaido.


I still want to play this level in spite of everything I have seen about it. I wanna hear all the dialogue experience all the kills I have secluded myself from and most importantly I wanna see 47 dance again.:joy:



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Magic, computers and free time. Will make anything possible.

Having skipped every single stream I can honestly say this level was absolutley fantastic. I lost track of time but my first playthrough must have gone on for hours lol. Taking a break then going to colombia.


All thought I’ve seen the gameplay of this one so much, it was still a lot of searching and learning how and where things are. This is a nice level, so much to do and to find out, feels like Hitman’s ‘The Showstopper’, and I like that.

Here’s the vid for that challenge where you kill Robert and Sierra with a perfectly timed kick.


I’ve just managed to do that one SA/SO, no KO in around four and a half minutes, uploading now.

Playing on the hardest difficulty without any opportunity hints activated and no instinct was harder than I thought. Made a lot of stupid mistakes but after several restarts and a frustration based rampage I’ve managed to finish the mission with a very poor score.:sweat_smile: And that’s despite it being the mission I knew the most about.

Now I’ve played the mission a few more times and got a feeling for the level. You really notice how you improve yourself. Really a great level. Hopefully the others are more like this and less like Nightfall (yes I’m still salty about it).

What I also really like are the news reports in this mission and the previous one. I was nice to hear about Sato creating a new line of cloths, the trials against the Zaydan loyalists in Marrakesh or – most surprisingly – the new Cassandra Snow movie being the first one not based on a novel of the late author. Really makes you feel the impact of 47’s actions. Wouldn’t mind seeing this in future Hitman games.


is there a way to force the race to finish? I used the sugar in Sierras car but the race is still going, I want to do the Moses Lee tequila run

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You have to either let the race finish, make Sierra lose non-lethally or disqualify her. Moses Lee winning is what is important. (Oh and find octane booster you’ll need that and a good memory)

Thanks, I tried the sugar but I guess it has bugged somehow, will try again

Yeah I think I let the race run its course, truth be told the hard part for me was getting Moses Lee alone. I decided to try and poison him with n emetic but he does not drink out of the cup.

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And how did you finally get the costume? Haven’t tried yet, maybe in his path to the bar he is alone at some point?

It’s a great level but the game marketing made it boring for me.

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I got him on the way back to the podium coming out of the tunnel linking the podium to the pits,

You can also disguises yourself as Race Marshall, blend in at the platform overseeing the race tracks at the hotel and then disqualify either Lee or Knox when their cars appear. Easiest way I know to finish the race early.

But isn’t their another topic where people can ask for help? This is just about first impressions.

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Yeah I noticed after asking sorry. Now about first impressions, I’m amazed by how IO has linked so many things with the previous game, I mean the NPC conversations, right now I’ve seen Sierra talking with the singer girl of Bangkok