The Finish Line - First impressions

I played a little Miami last night and man is it huge. There is a lot going on and a little confusing. All of the different sounds going on at the same time is a bit overwhelming but realistic. From a radio playing in the kitchen to TVs, DJ, dialogue the race going on is crazy.

Loving it but I got lost. Lol.


Completed first try in 30 minutes. First impression is it looks beautiful and can’t wait to explore more of it.

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Yep but mercifully I think it is the only ROCCO! moment in the game for me.

My favourite level in any game. The atmosphere of a race is perfectly captured. @Travis_IOI I believe I mentioned this idea a couple years ago? Just lie to me and say you guys saw my post haha


Did you really? …

Sept 2016


You predicted good. :sunglasses:

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This mission comes across as like “Super Showstopper”.

It’s much larger than Palais de Waleska and features two targets with some relationship but engaged in two different events that require different credentials to infiltrate.

One of them is doing a public event - a fashion show in Paris, while it’s a motor race in Miami… and the other is conducting a clandestine activity - a secret auction in Paris, and a weapons demonstration in Miami.

The settings involve what would be, at the time, one of the largest crowds for a single level in Hitman or most other games of this ilk.

Both are also beatable by speedrunners in under 1 minute. lol But that would be selling the mission short.
It is a fantastic level and I’m enjoying it so much I haven’t seen the others past Miami yet! :slight_smile:

But this is also because I am focusing on studying this location for The Undying ET mission. :slight_smile:


That is sick man :smile:. Would be really cool to know if they got the idea from you.

Would be incredibly sick if they took all my Bonus Episode ideas… I wouldn’t even be mad. Hahaha.

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Do you have a link to them?

Sure. :slight_smile:

The others in that thread are pretty good too. :slight_smile:

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Even if they didn’t, if Travis lied to me and said they did, that would work for me haha

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Rather disappointing that saving the blackmailer just results in him running to the nearest guard to tattle on you immediately with the generic dialogue of any witness. Even if you just knock out Sierra.

Also you can kick her while she’s about to throw him and she just passes through him, which is also rather disappointing.

Also tried hiding in the hole, was interested to see if I could do something fun with that, but the near by enforcer just sees me through solid objects. Guess I could knock him out and try again, but eh.


Would’ve been nice if he acknowledges that you saved him, thanks you and simply runs away.In Absolution the NPCs during Attack of the Saints actually did that.

Great, now I’ve said something good about Absolution. I feel ashamed.:sweat_smile:


Shame on you :stuck_out_tongue:.

I actually thought that it was quite funny, because the blackmailer obviously have some IQ problems, so when he’s about to get killed you save him and he runs to nearest guard :smile:.

That’s an incredible prediction if even slightly they took that as the basis for Miami!

@Travis_IOI spill the beans!!

Lol I’m in a similar boat. I remember talking about a Bangkok level at night, where the Class side is just regular hotel rooms with guests. What we got in P0 was probably a coincidence.

One thing I’m actually responsible for is getting the Sunglasses-less suit in the Icon :stuck_out_tongue: I wrote a random post here requesting it, and they actually did.


turns out Sierra can kill 47. related to the Flamingo opportunity :slight_smile:


Yep and it unlocks a challenge. The game also rewards you for killing The Constant.:joy: