The Finish Line - First impressions

Okay, this mission is 100% my favourite one in the game. No objectives to annoy you, huge and varied map, two targets that can be caused to interact with each other and the fact that the map changes state with the end of the race, totally shaking up the route of Sierra.

Definitely feels like the Paris of the new Hitman and I think this will be the one I’ll come back to again, and again, and again and never get bored of.

Also the kills are so creative and destructive. All the car kills and the PALLUS kill are real standouts.

10/10, best hitman mission ever made


Guys, look what I found. Everyones favourite murder weapons from Season 1 is back.

The battle axe is back, baby. :sunglasses:

In case you want to go on a little mruder spree or make a contract with it: It can be found in the gym at the top floor of the Kronstadt building.

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the explosive liaisons kill is one of my favourite kills in hitman ever, until it bugs and the car bomb that Knox sets off sends him into lockdown :thinking:


How do you do that kill. I hate redacted challenges.

I don’t want to spoil it because it’s fun, but go to the interrogation room near the main entrance to the level and listen to the conversation, it becomes very obvious what you need to do

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As the first real full fleshed level in H2, it’s a strong start. The visuals are good, in my first play through I stayed at the edge of the map. I didn’t get into the middle to much and used mostly the tunnels to navigate between points,I found some kill opportunities that I want to explore in later. But I choose to Kill Robert with the Android and trying to blackmail Sierra as the Flamingo.

My overall plan is to play all missions through once and then dive deeper into the maps. Right now i’m just along for the ride.

Anyone else starting to hate the "OMG GUYS!! " npc crowd girl quote?


I like how the game has finely been tuned, but still seems something is off, I don’t like two thing straight off the bat, the first is how crap and sensitive assisted aim in compared to 2016, and the worst thing is the cut scenes, I was moving taking faces, not still Images the camera pans around with voices and no animation

I played a little Miami last night and man is it huge. There is a lot going on and a little confusing. All of the different sounds going on at the same time is a bit overwhelming but realistic. From a radio playing in the kitchen to TVs, DJ, dialogue the race going on is crazy.

Loving it but I got lost. Lol.


Completed first try in 30 minutes. First impression is it looks beautiful and can’t wait to explore more of it.

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Yep but mercifully I think it is the only ROCCO! moment in the game for me.

My favourite level in any game. The atmosphere of a race is perfectly captured. @Travis_IOI I believe I mentioned this idea a couple years ago? Just lie to me and say you guys saw my post haha


Did you really? …

Sept 2016


You predicted good. :sunglasses:

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This mission comes across as like “Super Showstopper”.

It’s much larger than Palais de Waleska and features two targets with some relationship but engaged in two different events that require different credentials to infiltrate.

One of them is doing a public event - a fashion show in Paris, while it’s a motor race in Miami… and the other is conducting a clandestine activity - a secret auction in Paris, and a weapons demonstration in Miami.

The settings involve what would be, at the time, one of the largest crowds for a single level in Hitman or most other games of this ilk.

Both are also beatable by speedrunners in under 1 minute. lol But that would be selling the mission short.
It is a fantastic level and I’m enjoying it so much I haven’t seen the others past Miami yet! :slight_smile:

But this is also because I am focusing on studying this location for The Undying ET mission. :slight_smile:


That is sick man :smile:. Would be really cool to know if they got the idea from you.

Would be incredibly sick if they took all my Bonus Episode ideas… I wouldn’t even be mad. Hahaha.

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Do you have a link to them?

Sure. :slight_smile:

The others in that thread are pretty good too. :slight_smile:

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