The Finish Line - First impressions

Just did this and it truly is one of the best if not THE best assassination ever. Love Papa Knox’s reaction when he realizes what has happened. A great way to take both targets out, the only bad thing is how softly Robert lands on the tires after being pushed lol. Miami is just the best.


Killed everyone in Miami. Frame rate started to suffer about 75% of the way through, but managed (PS4). Pale Rider costume is rad, haha… I think this is my favourite map, as it has a nice balance of every day crowd stuff, parties, garages, parking etc, and then a little bit of military science shit in one building. I like the location in Sgail, it looks great and is very expansive and interwoven. But I don’t get along with the cult party weird stuff. Nobody is relatable to me on that mission so it somehow doesn’t feel as satisfying to sneak around when everyone is a creepy fuck. Miami is cool because it’s otherwise a normal day, and 47 is the creep

What I really like about this assassin method is that Knox then realizes that you’re an assassin and are here because of him betraying Providence. And then instead of calling for the guards he, while trying to hide the fear in his voice, says that he got the message and that he’ll stay in line and won’t cause any more trouble. Makes me almost feel bad for the guy who sold weapons to a dictator and planned to murder his daughters rival.


I know it’s referencing the coat check in Blood Money, Opera House(?), but it’s Miami for gosh sakes! :stuck_out_tongue: Who wears a coat in Miami? :smile:

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Since I started playing Hitman 2, I’ve been primarily playing the legacy maps, wanting to do them “in sequence”. In between, I played Nightcall, and felt that it was pretty okay for a tutorial level, and it reminded me of “A New Life”.

And then somehow I loaded Miami, and I was blown away. It’s definitely my most favorite mission since the reboot.

I like the way that this map can be SA/SO in a few minutes, but yet offer so many interesting things to do so you just keep coming back.

I love the way that they didn’t even allow the player to bring any item into the mission if you’re playing it for the first time.

And escaping through a manhole was somehow extremely satisfying for me. It’s almost “like that, and he’s gone”.

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What reboot???

I bet there are hidden opportunities for the android. SPOILERS:

  • Ted Mendez has a scannable ID card.
    I bet he can be triggered to have his meeting with Knox. It could just be for contracts, though.

Well, there are many scannable pics that seem totally useless (Mendez, Sierra, Florida Man) since none of those people will ever go near PALLAS afaik (Timothy Yu’s ID card in the current ET is pretty useless too as he’s not there in the contracts mode). The only ones with purpose are Robert Knox’s picture, Derek McInnis’ ID card and the flamingo’s pic, it is used for an easter egg so it has a purpose.

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Well you could try and lure them upstairs into the testing room. It probably requires lots of patience and subdues.

They seems useless for contracts mode too. I’m not sure what kill type they register as, but unless it’s something unique like Accident: Android, there will be easier ways to satisfy any kill condition for those targets.


Yay! Jay Smart and Lindsey La Coeur are both at the event!


Playing through Miami now (finally), and boy is this level great.
I’ve spent probably an hour exploring the level, listening to NPCs (“OH MY GOOODD AHHHH!!!”) and figuring out the level itself. Only just decided to move on with the Flamingo opportunity and meet up with Sierra.

The level design for this is perfect. Or, nearly so. Restricted areas are clearly marked off with proper signage (Employees Only, Medical Staff Only, Security Room/Press Room/Executive Room), or you can just as easily walk up to a pair of two guards and they’ll either wave you away or greet you depending on your disguise. Areas are easily identifiable (or at least the civilian areas) with arrows strewn across the ground leading you to different areas, how the VIP section has neon pink carpets, or the drivers’ lounge areas is in blue, or Kowoon or Krondstadt areas are Lime Green and Red respectively.
How the event is designed is a veritable maze. I probably explored for a good 20 minutes in my suit, testing how far I could get in restricted areas before Diana mentioned the race was in its final lap, prompting me to run (and inevitably fail) to get the Mechanic opportunity going. I got really lost when that announcement came up, as I basically went on a round trip from the entrance to the parking, to some bridge across the race track, back to the entrance.

The little gameplay elements that tease me incessantly are going to be interesting to play with. Things like the “take pictures as a photographer” that are in numerous spots, or (probably) paying the forger NPC for some fake (hopefully working) VIP passes.

I did have one problem in restricted areas though, where I was near the racetrack suited up in the Flamingo outfit. The area I was in was legal for me, and standing before me was this unmarked garage with the main door propped wide open for anyone to enter. I took my first few steps into the open room just as two talking NPCs in front of me start to spot me and white dots appear on their heads as I quickly turn around for the exit. I made it out in about a second or two, but at the cost of getting spotted trespassing. That was weird.

Sounds fun. But trespassing doesn’t blow your SA rating as far as I understand it now. I think most people who play Miami for the first time are surprised when Diana announces that the race will end soon, I did as well, but the cool thing about the level is that the level goes on even after the race is finished, and plenty of opportunities.

Probably not, I think the pass in the underground men’s room was one of the scalper’s passes if not then there is a free one a few feet away from him.

So, the race ending can be triggered somehow?

I just spent 5 minutes trying to set up a Robert Knox kill (by finding an engineer disguise), when Diana told me the race was in its final lap. I was going to kill Sierra in her car, so I reloaded a save of 5 minutes ago. Instead of running around like a fool, I go and grab the nearest expo disguise. This only took about a minute or two.
Diana then chimes in saying the race is in its final lap, and then telling me it’s over a second later.


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Some opportunities or actions can end the race quicker so the wait for Sierra won’t be at least 15 minutes. It might be you are hitting one of those triggers.

It might also be one of the 100 bugs the game has at this time. Perhaps just wait until next patch which hopefully does not break another 50 things.

Well the only way to be sure is if @TheChicken can give a blow-by-blow of his run so I can identify if he has hit a trigger or if it is a bug because I have had no issues with this so far and have yet to see a similar complaint.

Okay, well, I don’t think I hit any opportunity triggers.

On my first run, I spent most of my time running around the parking lot and expo building. The race probably got into its final lap on its own. Diana also did not chime in a second later saying that it’s over.

On my second run, I immediately ran and grabbed a Krondstadt Guard disguise from a guy on the upper floors, it was at this point that the race suddenly ended.

Yeah it might be a glitch. In lieu of a permanent solution I would recommend nabbing the engineer disguise from the coat check then doing what ever it is you plan was. If you can’t do the plan in the engineer or researcher garb then I am out of ideas.