The Forum Gallery V3


This forum is missing some of your beautiful faces, post photos of your mugs here.

I guess I could update the main post with each member photo if there were enough, a la Forum Gallery V1 and V2?

Hitman at GAMESCOM 2016
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This is a good idea. Let me kick this thing of with a selfie, because why not?

Alright, apparently, I can’t put images in posts because I’m a new user. I’ll be back.

So, how have you guys been?


Here’s a picture of me.

@Numbers try the upload button it should be on the bar with all the formatting options it’s beside the quote and code button.

@Dark_Sider are you planning on putting all of our images up on the first post like monk did?


I did! But since I only joined like twenty minutes ago, I can’t post pictures in my replies yet. It’s probably an anti-spam thing.

Also, you’re grey.

OT: Here’s a picture of me, let’s keep this thread on track!

(Hey, there it is!)


Sassy Skeleton comin through!


Yes I am shirtless, no you can’t see my nipples, thank you. Don’t be weird.


I like the beard, nicely trimmed and designed well.


Beards be awesome, yo!


Me and Stu enjoying holiday fun.


Is that a Samurai helmet?


The tattoo? It’s a Sam and Max one. Google Max and crossbones and my arm is the second along, when new. I would copy and paste but I have a tablet and I’m fucking useless on it.


Me Enjoying a Beer


@Devils_Advocate You’re photo’s always seem to have this really charming quality to them. Maybe it’s because I didn’t visit Gallery much on the old forums, but I don’t remember there being a photo where I thought you didn’t look good.

@Dark_Sider Yeah, but can we keep it more up to date than V2’s frontpage?


Thanks bro, that’s really nice of you to say :slight_smile: We should all post more!


Don’t think I’ve ever posted a pic of myself in the old gallery, so here’s a quick and dirty, low quality, grainy, blurry selfie.


I don’t think this is deserving of its own topic but I just opened my copy of Silent Assassin and look what I found:



Haha, THE HIT MAN. Was that really 7 years ago? Christ.

Anyway, I am on the left in this photo. The other guy is Walter Schreifels of Quicksand / Rival Schools (The tuffguy poses were his idea, said it made us look like we were in a band)


@Kent you look a lot different than I remember you :smiley:

edit - I suppose this belongs in this thread


It’s funny. In my selfie I’m actually wearing the Hitman T-shirt I got during our visit in your pic.The Fleur de Lys is hardly noticable though.


Amp! You look hot! But this new format is bringing me down…

Is the guy next to you Drew Carey?