The Forum Gallery V3


Yeah right… this shit ain’t gonna fly around here!


Yep, bought them cheap straight from my local sports shop. :wink:


7 years old I had my first computer Windows XP, got half life with it and played CS everyday on it.

Literally became a PC gamer thanks to these games, I wish i was joking and this was me now because life was so much more simpler :wink:


Makes me remember my Ratchet and Clank cosplay with my sisters doll strapped to my back as Clank. Jeez.


When and if I make an effort with my face I can be quite respectable looking. Still don’t make an effort with clothes though.


What’s your tattoo of? Can’t see it too clearly.


It’s of something I put no thought into in truth, it’s a lotus flower with 3 cupid arrows through it, got it when I was 15, kinda regret it now, kids, think before you ink!


You can always just make up a great story for it huehu


“its the insignia of my platoon, when i was in Vietnam“ is always a good response :wink:


Come on. You look neat and bearutiful.


ok scratch that
On @Silverballer’s request.





you are a sexy Motherfucker, Mr Badea!

(almost) no homo


Talk about dress to fucking kill!


awwwww thank you

@MrOchoa but I wanted to look like a sexy criminal


LMFAO!! Sorry man, I just had to! :joy:

Awesome picture though, dude. Seriously! :sunglasses:


If I had the WA2000 with me I would had replicated this one


You MUST do that man! That would look so cool!
Where were you in that photo?

I was gonna say, it would have looked even cooler with you holding your replica SB (with silencer) but I wasn’t sure if you were at your job or not…


They gave me a clients room at work just for the month of june because I’m working a part at day and a part at night. I was coming back in the room from the balcony and in front of me there is this big mirror.
I was looking at my self and said “This will make a good photo”. So I took a chair, put it on the bed, put the phone on timer and made this one.
I published one on my facebook in black and white.