The Forum Gallery V3


And indeed it did!! :sunglasses::ok_hand:

And that’s cool, I do like the Black and White, gives off that dark “Contracts” vibe lol

But you really should do a Sniper photo like the one you posted (preferably not at your job :laughing:) but definitely do it. That would look so badass!


heres a nice little picture of me <3


You really know how to rock wearing a suit my man!


I think is the position of the camera that makes it look good. For the suits I have to go to a tailor to short on the sleeves and where maybe its too long.
Any way thank you :smiley:



Shave your head clean, Alex.


Haha that is really good man! You really should shave your head lol I wanted that damn Aries so bad, but I saw it was discontinued. I was so mad, I wanted one.

Isn’t the photo taken at your job? How did you get the rifle in there? Briefcase? :laughing:


I think you would make a very good 47 model.

You got the build and face for it


Now do this one @badeaguard


This is exactly the kind of shit that can get you swatted in the wrong hands. Be careful mate.


Why would anyone do that to badea and on what grounds?

yes is this the police? Okay this guy took a picture with a replica gun and posted it on the Internet. Go get him pls


Lol what are you talking about?


Btw, those are some sick pictures badeaguard, keep it up. You look good




What? no gloves. Some Hitman you are.


My cosplay is 90% right because I’m Romanian :rofl:

I promise to my self that one day I will find the courage and do it with a razor :smiley:

@AGENT4T7 technically is my room so… I got the rifle into the hotel inside a big trash plastic bag. No one saw me. I went from the staff entry of course which is a back door

@Wakanda eh. Not so sure about the face. These 2 photos are the best shots out of 20 maybe. I have this idea of cosplaying using some eye lens like the color of 47’s eyes and attached a plaster in the back with some blood alike liquid dripping.
I also need to get way more fitter to be near 47’s body shape. It will be something I will have o do once I have my perfect briefcase replica and Silverballer.

@Mads47 will do one day. And I want to replicate the photo the most identical as possible with the same striped shirt and tie.

@Supernova Don’t really think so. After all its a replica or a cosplay on a videogame forum site.

@Pissfloyd thank you. Did it all by my self putting the camera phone on timer.

@Chef-assassin I was waiting for this comment. In my excuse this is the sapienza grey suit outfit from the trailer Welcome to Sapienza :grin: I will buy during this winter some high quality driving gloves that will look just right.


I think what @Supernova is saying is that a guest might report something. You could imagine the call to the local police:


Probably the same reason people do it to streamers - For shits and giggles. Swatting is seriously dangerous and seriously malicious, quite scary really.

Never underestimate the awfulness of people on the internet.


FantumX RETURNS!!!


Welcome back @FantumX!! :smiley:


And @GTAJJ!! :smiley: (He has been back for a while, but i forgot to say this to him)