The Forum Gallery V3


Thanks buddy :smiley: <3



That video was gold man, pure gold!! :joy::joy::joy:

"fireworks are scheduled for later."

Glad to see you haven’t forgotten about

Good to have you back, man! Happy 4th to you and your family. :smiley:


This is awesome :joy: Love the video. Welcome back agent


Return of the X.


Welcome Back y’all

Also @Caramoxyde is lurking around too


Nice Bud light Endorsement!


Welcome back man, you are my kind of scum! :heart_eyes:


I don’t why but this video is so unreal and Hollywood like. Hearing that accent talk about Hitmanforum is just kind of surreal haha.


Thanks for all the “welcomes” my friends! It’s been a long two months. Lots happened both with me and here on the forum as well (IO/SE split, etc). I’ll post a couple highlights in “What’s New” a little later. Kept up on all the news on here as a lurker pretty much daily.

Saw that @Supernova thought I was evading a while back. Curious about who he thought was me. I mean I really like HMF but it doesn’t have THAT high of a priority in my life that I MUST. POST. DAILY. :joy:

Kinda bummed I lost my “Regular” though.

Anyway, good to be back and interacting with you all. And HAPPY 4th to all my fellow Americans!


Welcome back @FantumX and @GTAJJ!


I really like your collection. You seem to be an airsoft person like my self. I love guns replicas. Have you considered trying to replicate the Silverballer? Or the Blood Money briefcase?


And how do you know either of these?


You posted a response to badeaguard in “ask hmf anything” a while back and said you were 99.9% sure I was evading (but also said you felt bad cuz you liked me- or something like that):relaxed:. I still read the forum while doing my time. But no, I wasn’t evading. So who was your suspect (if you don’t mind sharing). You can pm if you like.



Great idea! Personally I’ve tried over the years as much as I have wanted to have the blood money suit myself which i now have, I’ve always wanted to have the iconic briefcase too the red lining and foil cased finish just sells it for me. I’m still trying to this day to see if I can make it possible. As for the sliver baller I’ve tried too but instead I’ve gone around to taking my own twist on it and by making some Blackballer Lookalike pistols, some details are missing but I’m happy with how they look and are a great display piece, they just need some trademarks and some fleur de Lis logos for authenticity. I look at these pistols as my take of inspiration on agent 47’s silver ballers, they are suppressed Sv infinity’s instead of AMT hard ballers. :wink:

Thank you! for sharing your interest in my collection, here is some of my other stuff too. :sunglasses::+1:


You don’t have to log in you know to read posts :smiley:.


Updated my profile picture today, this one is now my official avatar.
no more updates I’m sticking with this one since it looks amazing !. :wink:



Damn… Where you from? I would love to play airsoft with you


Best pickup line ever!


I’m from the UK I live in a small town near London, Harlow. Too bad we don’t have that many sites or paintball grounds here, there are some good ones but I do have to travel to visit them. :laughing:

Paintball and airsoft are my life, I always love a good game of both.