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I like to collect them (airsoft weapons) only went a couple of times to play with some friends in the woods nearby.

@Chef-assassin you can say that I have game :sunglasses:


Awesome! I mainly play games of airsoft or paintball when I’m on holiday with my friends and family, it’s great fun when I get to do it, just like you I do enjoy collecting my (airsoft weapons) too in the summer or when the weather is nice it’s a great way to past time and relax in my yard by shooting at my small range. :+1:


This much I know, but 1- I did not remember saying so, but I did. 2- AFAIK people not logged in have quite a hard time reading because the forum does not remember at what post you read a thread, so it can be annoying to pick up the conversation.


True but since I checked in regularly, I just picked the threads I was interested in reading and scrolled to the bottom and then backtracked 24 hrs or whatever to only see the latest posts. Kind of a pain but not really.


Its getting hot in here :blush: I nearly missed this!


Hello, duckling. Happy to have you back :slight_smile:

Also, @Caramoxyde awaiting new comics! :smiley:


I will make many more once I finish my perfect replicas.


Enjoy your weekend, and do nothing i wouldnt do!



I was at the reception desk which is situated right in front of the primary entrance and I saw this small small mouse outside. Stupiditly me went out there to look at the little fellow better and cast him away because I was waiting for some new arrivals and the last thing you want is having mouses in front of the Hotel.
But when the automatic sliding doors opened this bastard came right in and was going straight to the bar where there were other clients. So I start chasing him left and right till he crawled behind a vase. I crouched to remove that vase from its position so he could come out, but then he proceeds to run away and out of instinct I put my hand on him to stop him.

Well he bite me! I kicked him out and he died by the impact of my shoe I guess :frowning:
Right in that fucking time a bunch of kids no more taller than 1.20 meter enters the hall way from a door and they saw the mice and they started "Is it dead? Is that a mouse?"
And one of them ran away to his mom shouting "MOMYYYY THE MISTER COUGH A MOUSE"

Then the bartender arrive and asked what happen. In front of all those kids I shouted "HOLLY FUCK A MOUSE BITE ME!!! THAT FUCKING LITTLE SHIT"
The bartender called a medic who told him on the phone that I need to go urgent to an hospital to have a vaccine. So I picked up my car keys and wallet and went 40 km to the nearest hospital.

Medic there told me that I’m the funniest thing that happen all night. I asked to make a photo because my director will never believe I can be this stupid.

True story


That’s a lot of blood for a mouse bite, buddy. Lol. Shame the mouse died though :frowning:

Speaking of mice. Is there anyone here that is afraid of them? If so, please explain it to me, because I cannot for the life of me understand it. Fear of mice seems to be this common fear like of spiders. Especially with women. I don’t get it. Why? Spiders look terrifying, these creepy long legs, they make these web death-traps, put you in a cocoon and then eat you while looking with their spooky eyes. Ugh.

But mice? They’re cute little furry creatures with tiny feet, cute noses and everything. They’re basically as cute as cats when it comes to looks. Why do women scream their lungs out when they see a mouse? It just blows my mind.


Wow, great story. I pictured the whole thing in my head and had a nice chuckle imagining seeing it all go down. Perhaps this is a good time to talk contracts with your boss and get a raise, or blood money if you will, for the extra work of eliminating those little furry, four-legged silent assasins. LOL. Maybe he would even let you carry a concealed airsoft to take them out. Just kidding. But how cool would that be?

Hope all turns out well in the aftermath of your adventure.


Found my old comics from 2009-2010 when I was like 11 or 12. Holy fuck. I’ve been unintentionally so edgy. (pls don’t ban the whole comic is actually kinda against racism) neekeri=nigger in Finnish


Me personally I have never seen a mouse, but if I do I would probably be cautious with it and will most definetelly attempt to kill it. I have seen many rats. Rats are known to be carriers of many diseases, and are generally a symbol of poor hygiene. (This may souns poorly on the wrong circles, but it gets to the point) have you seen the movie inglorious bastards? Do you remember how in the opening sequence the nazi leader compares racism towards jews with how people love squirrels but hate rats? Even tho both could carry the same diseases and are animals of the same family? Well, pretty much what he says about squirrels and rats. I do not know where that mouse came from. I do not know if it has been eating garbage and decomposed infected meat (ok bad example, they are not carnivores, but you get the point I think) or if it is a healthy and vvaccined stray pet. For me it is a matter of better safe than sorry.


Wow, that is not an excuse to kill it. Live and let live, this is a living creature, it won’t do anything to you unless you shove your finger in its face like badeaguard did. You’re a giant to the mouse, it will run away, not fight you.

Jesus, how many animals do you kill just because it’s better to be safe than sorry? :confused: You kill hobos too?

And yes, I’ve seen inglorious bastards.


Excellently put.

20 mice.


@Vinnie_Sinistra This is why I love Badeaguard’s stories.

Can’t even make these things up haha


We can try and then live a lie and i don’t mind that Hunter. Also in non related events i got stung by a bee on the moon this weekend.


Strangest things happen at night.

@FantumX the aftermath was good. I woke up feeling as usual. Coworkers are joking around if I got super powers from the bite.

@borek921 I am one of those that would chase aliens to cuddle them if I will ever find one. I know lots of girls who likes mouses or snakes. But in particular I know this other girls who cries out of terror when she sees a spider.
Any way, I did kill that mouse by accident. Didn’t wanted to.


I know man, I wasn’t bashing you, I understood that you meant it no harm. I was just trashing Supernova.


Which you very much failed at. My position stands and I do not feel wrong about you saying I shouldn’t act as I do, at least not in my current context.