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I gotta back @Supernova here.

Context plays a big part in one’s handling of the situation. Geography, general living conditions, the extent of the problem and even your immedate surroundings. I don’t think judging someone so harshly on it is a good approach, especially not fully knowing or understanding his perspective.

I’ve dealt with mice several times in various living situations. I used both humane and lethal traps depending my current conditions.


Generally, I only have a problem with mice when they become uninvited guests in my house that multiply and eat food I pay for.


Another backing for @Supernova . As rats were the cause of the black plauge and they are carriers of many diseases. Typically measures should be taken for proper hygiene and specially risks of infectious diseases cannot be taken lightly.
Same could be said for cockroaches and other such carrier insects/animals etc.


That’s ok man, I know where you were coming from, I’m just against killing overall. Unless it’s mosquitos, fuck those guys.


Says the guy who plays Hitman :stuck_out_tongue:


Shhh, you’ve seen nothing!


Holy crap, that really is something you don’t see everyday I may be late but I hope you are all alright now I’ve seen a lot of bizarre work scenarios but haven’t heard of one like this before that actually happend. :mask:


Current English summer time temperature is at 18-25 Degrees hot. :sunglasses:

Meanwhile In Soviet Russia…


St Petersburg Stakeout intensifies


Now all I have to do is find locker 137. :wink:


me and Henry, hyped for the final ET!


That head turn… BEAUTIFUL!!!


Dang orange boi is T H I C C



sniff sniff

What you smoking on?


Am I the only one that finds this kind of photos off putting? I mean with the smoke slowly coming out of people’s mouth and shrouding the whole face.

I dunno I’ve always found this kinda disgusting, never smoked a cigarette my entire life.


We get it, she vapes :joy:
I like those kind of photos. Makes it look bad ass in some way if you manage to make some serious face or sexy in a girls case


Yeah,I find them more boring that off putting though since everyone does it and it rarely looks good


Cigarette? She could be smoking a joint. :wink:


“smoke-slowly-coming-from-mouth”-photos are ultra dope. Keep that shit lit Amy bae :smoking::heart: