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A cig was just an example. I mean smoking really anything.


Haha thanks bro. I think I was high now that I think about it… I smoke cigarettes too lol smoking weed’s the best tho with cigarettes right behind it. :yum:


I know you were high and I wasn’t even there.


God you’re all a bunch of moaners :joy: No makeup and going to work today without being stoned.

Forgive the tiredness but I’ve not had much sleep this week.


I’m asthmatic, so I can’t smoke anything with tobacco in it. Weed doesn’t seem to trigger my asthma though.


“piercings are so boring ugh. Just my opinion”


what a coincidence, i’m also working, without make up :wink:


Smart ass, are you driving to work or are you driving for work? Looks like the former if I’m honest!


naa, my coworker is the driver, i take care of our paperwork ^^


Hey, what’s up, Seth Rogen? :laughing:


Can’t be unseen. Even the glasses match


Haha yeah I guess u can tell I guess I have to just admit it I was high haha but it’s fun I’ll never quit lol


Y’all leaving for work in the morning while I’m leaving from work :rofl: #nomakeup #nofilter #allgrey

Also I found this frog tonight


Thats a Toad my Friend. you are leaving work, while i’m leaving a party x)


Oh right, its friday. How was the party?


well, i went home alone, but thats not too bad, because my cat was waiting for me. now i lay in my bed and pet my cat. i’m almost drunk and get cuddled - its a good night i think :slight_smile:


God help me


no, its THE TRANSPORTER! :sunglasses:


Shaved my head today. I know, I know. No red tie and no gloves.


Don’t worry, 47 got more then one tie. He even wore a black one in Absolution!