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Well, I’m waiting for @HHCHunter to add a caption. They’re funny :joy:


Y to Blend in as Bodyguard


Dude, I know someone that said hitman shouldn’t be allowed to be made as it gives people the wrong idea and maybe they will become a hitman. Guess what? He plays battlefield. Lmao!!!


Looking good @badeaguard :sunglasses:


I have a Playstation…


Depending on the battlefield this may mean that he will become either a cop or a soldier by his logic so your joke is not really anything he should or could be embarrased of.

I understand the point.


It wasn’t a joke though, it was irony. There’s a diff. :grin:


No Signature Suit or version of 47’s suit for the matter but at least you can say that you are wearing a bodyguard suit, wich is iconic to the franchise as 47’s suits.

Just perfect :bear::+1:


This is my usual geek sheek look when I’m heading into work in truth.


Stop looking so mean


Does the piercing between your lips interfere with anything? Like eating or something.


I’ve never found it to interfere, I’ve swallowed the end of it before though o_O


Yes ever since she got it she cant eat anymore


Stop being a sarcastic asshole :stuck_out_tongue:


Stop being so mean


only if you stop being mean, you cunt :stuck_out_tongue:


What job do you have if I my ask? Where I work there some strict rules about piercings


Where you work they’re idiots then!


Could be. Many hotels will ask you to cover even tattoos if you have any.


While I “comprehend” why they do it, I am very much against that.