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That is kinda my trademark:)


You damn Liar, its a registrated Trademark of Warner Brothers Studios :stuck_out_tongue:


Not the hero the Garda Lake needs, but the one it deserves. Or was it the contrary?


That first pick totally makes you look like a flasher. Please tell me you were wearing more than just the cape…please! :tired_face:


It’s Europe, it’s creepy if we have too much on at the beach.


and i thought i’m the man with the heart of cocaine :wink:


I assure you I had swim wear behind the cape. But its an idea. I’ll be like “BUONGIORNO PEOPLE”

@MrOchoa man with cocaine heart you must find. But be aware of our god.


LOOK, up in the sky!!
It’s a bird…
It’s a plane…

It’s… HIT-MAN!!


how to give yourself neck ache 101


Lmao where you playing Pantera or something? Looks like!


Haha, nah, nothing that heavy. I just got in the zone…


Well, they are a bit soft for me once you realize I listen deathcore like it was my daily breakfast haha.


Did you hear Textures are splitting up this year? They’re doing a final run of shows at the moment and then calling it a day. A real shame.

Code Orange are my favourite hardcore/metal band lately, you should check them out.


I only know of them because you showed them to me, their latest material was really nice, I did not like some of their earlyer stuff because it did not really got me going.

I usually do not check anything related to band tours because I will just depress myself knowing I will not be able to see them. Like, last week I heard about Trivium touring with Arch Enemy… that would be so damn good that now I’m sad again just typing it.


Enjoy your Weekend, Boys and Girls!

heres some good Music


Hey guys! I love everyone’s pics and I am hoping more people share! It’s fun to see who’s behind the keyboard…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So I figured I’d post a couple

Here’s me and the hubs from a few months ago:

And I went out Friday night for the first time all summer so this was fun, my friend let me borrow a dress and some jewelry.


Summer ain’t over yet. Where did you went?


Out with a friend :wink: That’s all I can say here…


Girls night eh? :wink:


Sort of like that haha…I pm’d you